Clay Travis’ Coronavirus Update: If You’re in Florida, You’ve Got Really Good Odds

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Coronavirus Update:  The numbers continue to decline. We are well on our way to an 11th straight week of declining overall numbers. 

There is probably going to be a blip today and people are going to lose their minds because Tuesdays are always the worst day as the weekend data gets caught up.

There are probably going to be some people running around like chickens with their heads cut off.  Ignore them. The data continues to move in the right direction.

Right now, we are moving toward 11 straight weeks of declining deaths. Nothing is happening in terms of a massive surge of deaths in California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida.

Maybe the numbers are going to go up. Maybe they are going to go up massively. But so far, they have not done it.

So, again — look at the data. Let it lead. Do not embrace the fear-porn.

Here’s some data from Florida.  144,210 people who are 54 and under have tested positive for coronavirus. Of that group, they have a .0016 death rate.

To put that into perspective, you actually need to add 10 times that number because we are only catching about 1 in 10 of the overall number of infections.

That would mean the state of Florida would have had about 1.4 million people infected who are aged 54 and under.

That would mean the death rate in the state of Florida if you are 54 and under and infected — is .0000194.

I’m not an expert in calculation data but that’s pretty low.  

Let me explain.  If you are 54 and under and you have the coronavirus in the state of Florida, your chances of dying according to my trusty calculator are .0000194.

I don’t have a degree in math. I tapped out in pre-cal.  But I can tell you that .0000194 is a small number.

.0000194, if you are 54 and under, that is how many people are dying of the coronavirus as a percentage of the overall population.

Follow the data, not the fear-porn.

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  1. Hey Clay,
    Okay…so you made your point about Florida!!! Very, very unlikely to become a fatality statistic from covid-19. But what about sharks, huh??? And what about a lightning bolt??? You’re not giving the people the whole story here.

  2. Florida is a very different place. I walk every single morning since March (at least 90 minutes and ride my bike in the afternoons), I haven’t missed a single day. I see dozens of folks outside walking, kayaking and talking and doing. Every day. Some wear masks, but very few now.

    But every day I Also walk by locked schools, parks, beaches and businesses with warnings to not enter without a mask. Or they are closed. I see these horrible Soviet style signs with warnings stuck to doors, houses and even fences on residential yards.

    People are living. Government officials are making that hard. They are getting in the way. Time to ignore them.

    Crazy has become normal. Even here.

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