Clay Travis Challenges Mark Cuban To Debate After Mavs Owner Sides With Woke Disney

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The ‘mentions’ is a restricted area for wary Twitter users. But some still choose to cross that line.

A familiar A-list sports figure decided to throw a stray shot at OutKick’s very own Clay Travis. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, called out CT and “conservative media” late Thursday.

Who was Cuban backing in this abrupt online tirade? Disney.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban pokes the bear. (Photo by Tim Heitman/Getty Images)

Keep in mind, this is the guy who said going ‘woke’ is good for business.

Cuban dropped a tweet — mentioning Clay — where he challenged the idea that Disney’s tanking stock has nothing to do with its recent woke turn.

The lib owner says it’s fake news that Disney went woke and is going broke.

“[Shake my damn head], the cool thing about obvious is that there is always data,” Cuban tweeted.

“I’ll take your Woke [Disney], and compare it to a media company that is the home for most conservative media, $IHRT (Host to @claytravis and others). Here are YTD comparisons.”

What does Clay do? He claps back and invites Cuban to debate — throwing the challenge flag down.

Clay responded, “You tagged me here @mcuban, let’s have a long-form conversation. You lay out what you think, I’ll lay out what I think. No sound bites or quick hits.

“People can listen to the entire thing and decide what they think. I’m game whenever, let’s pick a time and place.”

Does Cuban have a point? Or is this a layup debate for Clay? There’s literally no downside to this debate. But will Cuban accept?

In one corner, you’ll have Mark Cuban and Disney. The latter is a media powerhouse that magically failed in recent years after shoveling woke agendas into its content. From Strange World and Lightyear‘s peddling of LGBT characters to the Mouse’s fight against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over “Don’t Say Gay,” Disney has closely played the progressive playbook as a company.

Then there’s Clay Travis on the other corner, here to prove that companies that choose to play the liberal playbook alienate a majority of Americans. Thus, less business.

So let’s go for it, Cuban. Name the date, place and proper email for a Zoom link invitation. Of course, the DMs are open.

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