Clay Travis Blasts ESPN’s Mark Jones

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On Outkick the Show, Clay Travis addressed ESPN’s Mark Jones, who broke down on Twitter, went anti-police, laughed about “MAGA Nick Bosa” tearing his ACL, and called President Donald Trump a “white supremacist terrorist.”

“Mark Jones’ Twitter feed is a cesspool of left-wing idiocy,” Clay opened with.

“ESPN should fire this idiot just for being that dumb. Fire him for idiocy. I don’t care about opinions but some are so dumb you shouldn’t be able to go on my airwaves anymore.”

“If one of my employees tweeted that, I’d fire him immediately. Not for the opinion, but for being that dumb.”

Here we go:

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    • Straight. Curt Schilling may have been less than smooth with his bathroom cartoon take but there is not one of these phony loser woke / wake and bake garbage media people who would want their kid in a bathroom with something that shouldn’t be there. If they don’t have a problem with open bathrooms they are derelict in their parenting. Clinton wasn’t even President (thanking you lord Jesus) when he cracked on her. There has to be a reckoning soon to end where one side can slam till the cows come home and the other side has to stay in the shadows.
      Open borders, open bathrooms, F the police. C’mon in and let’s discuss that promotion.
      Respect authority, immigration when legal. Sorry we have to let you go.
      What a god awful look going forward when Jones and Rose and on and on continue representing this trash network.

  1. As I commented to a related article about Jones. He should not be allowed, as a ‘professional’ sports announcer to use his platform and be allowed to act that way. I am against cancel culture, but this seems like something completely different. This seems to me to be completely political and dishonest. As I said already, the comment about Bosa is completely wrong from a sports commentator! Regardless of your political view you don’t make statements like that on a serious injury to a great athlete because of his political views. Jones should at least be suspended if Disney has any awareness whatsoever.

  2. amazing how clowns like Jones can post crap like this on social media but the rest of us…….today a Major in the Louisville PD was given the option of being fired or taking retirement for having the audacity of calling the people out there rioting and shooting their fellow cops, thugs. SMFH

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