Clay To Pres. Biden: Let’s Settle Debate On Kids Wearing Masks

By the time you sleep eight hours, Clay Travis has already worked nine.

And when it comes to fixing problems that affect Americans, especially dealing with our nation’s youth, Clay’s willing to knock on the right doors and put in the OT to get an answer.

Because of President Joe Biden’s hard-nosed insistence that children must wear a mask in the classroom, the fearless co-host of The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show announced that he’s ready to talk science and create a path forward for restless Americans fearing no way out of the pandemic.

Clay hit President Biden’s mentions on Twitter and proposed a meeting for the two to engage in a cogent discussion regarding the efficacy of mask wearing among children. The tweet read:

“Hey @JoeBiden since you were upset with the @WCSedu school board meeting & keep talking about it, how about you and I debate one on one about masks on students? You defend masks on kids, I’ll take the other side. Time and place of your choice. Let’s roll:”

Though Biden inherited a vaccine from the previous administration, the American people remain unclear as to what he is doing to offer citizens of a way out of the pandemic. And to halt the damage that COVID mandates are having on parents and children.

After calling out the Williamson County School Board speech that went viral last week, and labeling any behavior contrary to the Democrat agenda as “anti-science,” President Biden remains erroneously confident in his handling of COVID and promotion for mask wearing.

With plenty of questions left unanswered by the White House, Clay has used his platform to share available data in an effort to instill hope, unity and common sense among the American people.

After all, if the science is on his side, wouldn’t this be a layup for Biden? Let’s make it happen.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. First of all. It would be beneath the Presidency of the United States for Joe Biden to talk to Clay. Let’s be serious. Second, everybody knows good and damn well this isn’t about Clay’s speech before the school board. This is about the FOOLS outside in the parking lot after the meeting looking like the January 6 Domestic crackpots. Threatening the people while they leave the parking lot with threats of “We’re taking names buddy”,(Lmbao) “we know where you live” on some Hank Hill good old boy bullshit acting unhinged over a fucking mask. Stop trying to play the victim … That shit is getting older and more played out than “Cancel Culture” #Dbap #IJMFS

    • Beneath Biden to talk to Clay? The frigin guy doesn’t even put his own pants on. He can barely read a teleprompter. I’d say It’d be beneath Clay to talk to him. What a disgrace. America is the laughing stock of the world bc of your guy. But go ahead carry on with your bullshit.

  2. Haha, turnip brain Biden can’t form a sentence without a teleprompter. He can barely do it with one. He doesn’t even take questions anymore and certainly not from someone who doesn’t share his ideology, remember on the campaign he had a list of friendly reporters with their pictures?

    To think Joe can debate someone without a communist media member feeding him questions ahead of time and assisting during the debate is laughable.

    As for the first responder, this is what happens when you have a tyrannical gvt. Next it won’t be threats. Go cower in a corner sheep.

  3. Clay, can we see some stats on states with mask mandates vs. those that don’t have them? I personally don’t believe in them – too many real-world examples of how states with rigid guidelines did just as bad (or worse) as those states with more relaxed guidelines. Meanwhile we’re creating a generation of young people afraid of everything – we are so screwed as a society.

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