Clay Travis: Biden Led His Campaign On COVID, But Things Have Gotten Worse Since 2020

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign was predicated on the notion that a vote against Donald Trump would be a step in the right direction for COVID, immigration, the economy and overall unity.

In less than a year, Biden has crashed on his Build Back Better slogan and allowed America to be a worse place to live in 2021. Homicide rates are higher than the year prior, COVID is claiming more lives, and the exit from the pandemic is no longer an exit but a transition to mask and vaccine mandates.

OutKick’s Clay Travis spoke on how history will ultimately vindicate those who chose to fight against the Biden agenda and the senseless COVID mandates.

“Do you remember when Joe Biden ran his campaign from his basement and he told everyone that he was going to solve COVID? More Americans have died in 2021 with COVID than died in 2020,” said Clay, calling out the Dems’ recent track record as a testament of their failures.

“Remember when Joe Biden came out and said, ‘Hey if you just wear masks for 100 days, COVID will be over’? Do you remember when he said in May if you get the COVID vaccination, you’ll never have to wear a mask again?

“What’s happening is Joe Biden used COVID to get elected as president and since then, he’s been a disaster of a president. But even in COVID, which he claimed would be his signature issue, he’s failed. It really is an embarrassment that the country was allowed to be put into this position.

“We should’ve never locked down; we should’ve never shut down at all; we should’ve gone on with our entire normal life.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Could you imagine how great this country would be if Biden did the opposite of all of his policies? Not just this country, but Afghanistan, Mexico, all of Central America…

    Joe, just implement the Costanza Rule when making decisions

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