Clay Travis: Biden Administration’s Vaccine-First Rule Has Been A Complete Flop

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Americans are waiting on this pandemic to be over.

Joining Will Cain in primetime to discuss the hysterics behind Omicron’s effect on sports and the White House’s botched response, OutKick founder Clay Travis addressed the pent-up demand for a return to normalcy while keeping Biden and Fauci’s input in mind.

“It’s impossible to argue with the data and the straightforward facts,” Clay argued. “They tried; the Biden-Fauci regime has tried as long as they can.”

Clay praised states like Florida and their leadership for refusing to comply with the social script preventing healthy Americans from returning to a normal life. “But as we are speaking … thank God for Ron DeSantis, and actually following science for the past 18 months.”

Approaching two years since the start of national lockdowns, the Biden administration has failed to embrace solutions meant to exit the nation from the pandemic.

“Since March of 2020, we are now going to have the largest number of cases that have ever existed in this country,” Clay noted. “That’s despite the fact of the vaccine … 95 percent of people 65 and over have gotten at least one shot. Over 70 percent of adults 18 and up have at gotten least one shot.”

Key figures in sports have joined the call for common-sense policies to lead the way.

MVP front runner Aaron Rodgers recently spoke on the NFL’s failed system regarding vaccine promotion. The guidelines have not allowed for vaccinated players to play through COVID, stirring confusion on the benefits of getting the jab. NBA’s leading man LeBron James has also been publicly against the clumsy COVID planning coming from the Association.

“And they are starting to realize that the sales point that they have made forever, which was everybody getting vaccinated. Look at the NFL, look at the NBA, look at the NHL … almost completely vaccinated, yet they’re all setting new highs too. What they were trying to tell us was that if everybody got vaccinated, that COVID would go away. The data is making it readily apparent that it’s not true.”

Clay discussed with Will what America’s best path to finally exiting the COVID-19 pandemic will be …


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