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Clay: The Cowboys Could Find Themselves In Prime Position In The Draft

The Dallas Cowboys lost yet another game on Tuesday night. As result of the 34-17 beatdown at the hands of Lamar Jackson, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys may now be in position for a very, very high draft pick.

“It was easy last night for the Baltimore Ravens to handle the Dallas Cowboys, and the Cowboys are officially a total mess. And a lot of attention is going to go to the return of Lamar Jackson and all the drama surrounding Dez Bryant. But to me, the real storyline here going forward is: What do the Cowboys do? What do the Cowboys do? They are basically eliminated, even from the woeful, very bad, disgustingly inconsistent NFC East. The Cowboys are now 3-9. And if you look at the remainder of their schedule, maybe they can beat the Bengals. They should lose to the 49ers. Who knows what will happen against the Eagles, as they’ve made the decision to replace Carson Wentz with Jalen Hurts. And then they end with the Giants. I mean, we’re talking probably, I would imagine, around a 4-12 record for the Dallas Cowboys.

“If you put that in the context of where they would be drafting, we are talking about the Dallas Cowboys as potentially having the No. 4 overall pick right now in the NFL Draft. And that is a pretty intriguing position to find themselves because you’re not that far away from being able to put together a series of picks, and maybe trade up and get a Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields. Or, if you’re at No. 4, maybe you feel pretty good about all the different quarterbacks that are going to be available in the first round, and you make the decision not to go re-sign Dez Bryant for $100 million-plus. Because, you’re a little bit afraid that you could end up in the same scenario that the Philadelphia Eagles find themselves where you wildly overpay a quarterback who is good at times, not great. And then that quarterback fades into mediocrity. And you’re left hamstrung by the contract that you signed with him, which is exactly what the Eagles find themselves in.”

Written by Michael Shamburger

Michael has 11+ years covering golf and college football. He's walked alongside Tiger, bleeds Purple and Gold, and is thankful for Joe Burrow! DBAP

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