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Clay Talks Northwestern’s Twitter Video Trolling ESPN’s Joey Galloway

Clay weighed in on a video that Northwestern shared on Sunday night showing players laughing at being called “Rece Davis” by ESPN’s Joey Galloway.

“How about Northwestern? The Wildcats got a win over Wisconsin. They now are sitting at 5-0, Northwestern is, with just a couple of games left. They are close to basically locking down the Big Ten West. And Joey Galloway, who works at ESPN, criticized Northwestern by basically saying they didn’t have any good players by saying they got a lot of dudes that look like Rece Davis. Now, I’m going to unpack that in a minute. Rece Davis is a good dude, works in college football, is the host of College GameDay now, and he’s replaced Chris Fowler. Really good dude, Rece Davis. But here is what it sounded like when Joey Galloway said it. This is a video that was put out from Northwestern that shows — and you’re not going to see it all, but I’d encourage you to go check out the video that I put out — but it shows all the different players. This is audio that’s coming from their practice that they got ready. And by the way, the defense is legit. Pat Fitzgerald, credit to him for what he has been able to put together in Northwestern football. But this was the clip that Northwestern put out on Sunday night. I think you’re gonna enjoy it.”

“Okay, so that entire thing is phenomenal, right? Now, what Joey Galloway said, kind of a little bit racist. Let’s be honest. If you flip the races in that storyline, and it is an insult being delivered towards a minority group, Rece Davis is a white dude, and he was saying, ‘Oh, they got a bunch of dudes who look like Rece Davis.’ And that’s kind of a racist thing to say because your presumption is ‘Oh, they can’t be good at football, because they look like Rece Davis because they are preppy white guys,’ right? That’s basically what Joey Galloway was saying. And Northwestern’s pretty good at football. But what I like about this is, the way you win is not by being perpetually offended, right? Curling up in the fetal position, being upset, demanding that somebody be canceled. That’s not the way sports works. When you get insulted, you use it as motivation. You dunk on your opponents, and then you put it back out there in a humorous way and make them wear it. This is perfect, the way that Northwestern responded to this story.”

Written by Michael Shamburger

Michael has 11+ years covering golf and college football. He's walked alongside Tiger, bleeds Purple and Gold, and is thankful for Joe Burrow! DBAP

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