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It’s pretty hard to believe we’ve made it to the end of another week

I was telling you guys Thursday morning about the record temperature streak we’re about to go on here in northern Ohio, and since then it has gotten even better. At least one certified weather team around here is saying 80(!) is possible Monday and Tuesday. Global warming might be the greatest thing to happen to this part of the country. I never thought during my lifetime it would be possible to see people going to Lake Erie beaches in November. We’re living through truly historic times.

Before you ask, yes, I’ll be throwing on shorts, firing up the leaf blower, the mower and attaching the patio TV for football all weekend. It’s like Mother Nature has read my mind. She knows I can’t take five months of clouds hovering 500 feet above the cornfields, trying to choke out my soul, and then dumping 20 inches of snow to make things worse.

In sports news, BYU-Boise State tonight at 9:45 ET on FS1. That’s No. 9 BYU who needs a Top 25 win and for others above them to catch the COVID and lose games. It’s also Cocktail Weekend in Jacksonville. The stadium might have somewhere around 17,000 fans, but you know something crazy is going to come out of this game. Dan Mullen has been extraordinarily fired up, and Georgia is emotional as votes are counted. This one is going to feature fireworks, and I’m ready.

And then Clemson-Notre Dame to close out the day. Weather won’t be an issue at all. South Bend is expecting 71 and full sun during the day Saturday.

Get out there and have yourself a weekend. After a week like this, you deserve a drink and some fresh air. Don’t forget to send me Screencaps content you see out there in the wild.

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