Clay On Fox: Colleges Are Failing Students With Silly COVID Policies

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You would think educators would understand how to handle the ongoing reports of COVID issues. But they instead have failed miserably when it comes to their policies regarding the pandemic, OutKick founder Clay Travis said on Fox News.

“We’re now into Year Two of all of this absurdity and college kids in many places are not able to have a normal life,” Clay said. “Think about this: Princeton right now is not allowing students to leave the county. Yale is requiring quarantine. They’re not allowing kids to eat outside off campus.”

These are just the Ivy League schools, too.

“These are measures that are being put in place that make zero sense,” Clay said. “Because the kids are already double-vaccinated, and many of them are required to be boostered. They are not in any way in danger in any kind of statistically significant manner in the first place.”

So yeah, it’s hard to understand the logic.

“One of the things we teach at college is how you assess risk, how you become an adult,” Clay said. “What we are seeing is colleges are failing kids at what should be their primary goal and primary directive — which is, how do you become an adult?

“They’re treating these kids like they are young children, and they are also treating them like they’re under a great deal of danger when they’re not. All of these college kids are under more danger driving to and from campus than they are from COVID once they get there.”

Check out Clay’s full take on Fox in the video below.

Written by Sam Amico

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