Clay: Masks Or Proof Of Vaccination? Virtue-Signalers Have A Decision To Make

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When a football coach holds a Zoom press conference, in a room by himself, and is wearing a mask … well, that’s just for show. Or as OutKick founder Clay Travis has called it, “cosmetic theatre.”

After all, if no one is within six feet, and you’ve been tested every day (as athletes and coaches are), and you know you don’t have the virus, why do you need the mask? Throw in the fact all group interviews now take place online, and it’s pretty evident coaches and athletes only wear masks to follow some sort of unnecessary protocol, or out of plain fear of being criticized.

Of course, coaches and athletes aren’t alone. Everyone from the mainstream media to politicians to general citizens have adhered to mask mandates worldwide for more than a year now. Many have done it just to be a part of the herd, just so they could feel like they belong.

But guess what? The CDC is now saying you don’t need a mask if you’ve been fully vaccinated. So everyone has a decision to make, as you can see in the tweet below from Clay.

All of it is part of what truly was a guessing game from the so-called experts in the fight against COVID-19. They came up with guidelines, and we followed. Then they changed the guidelines, and we followed again. Some stuck with the old guidelines, refusing to believe the new less-restrictive ones and choosing to remain scared.

“On March 29th, the CDC director warned the country we faced ‘impending doom’ over COVID,” Clay writes. “On May 13th the CDC effectively ended all mask & distancing requirements. No one will ever trust ‘experts’ in this country again. They’ve just made it all up for over a year now.”

So there’s no time like the present to end the constant virtue signaling, Clay says.

“If you want to continued to stay curled up in the fetal position and never do anything for the rest of your life, that’s your right, but your fears can no longer constrict and constrain my freedoms,” he says.

Check out the video below to see his full take.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,

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