Clay Joins ‘The Ingraham Angle’ To Discuss Ridiculous Claims About Georgia Voting Law

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The new voting law in Georgia has created quite a stir. Whether on mainstream media or social media, it’s been one of the leading topics since it passed late last month. But like all political topics these days, it’s being twisted to fit an agenda.

OutKick founder Clay Travis joined Fox News host Pete Hegseth on The Ingraham Angle Monday night to discuss the new Georgia voting law and how it will impact professional sports leagues such as Major League Baseball.

To start, Hegseth asked Clay whether MLB ratings will suffer after the controversial decision to move the All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver, just as NBA and NFL ratings tanked when they went woke.

“I think it’s going to be worse for baseball,” Clay replied. “Because as you mentioned, they actually have a fan base that is already appalled by the direction that we’ve seen the NBA to a large extent and the NFL to a lesser extent follow. So in general, I think this works way worse for baseball than even those other sports.”

Considering the impact these political tactics have had on the NBA and NFL, that’s certainly not a good sign. But it also makes sense. Fans are sick of having politics — especially leftist politics — shoved down their throats when consuming sports.

Clay does believe there’s a silver lining to the decision from MLB commissioner Rob Manfred. He believes it’s become a breaking point for many.

“What I believe has happened now with this Major League Baseball decision is people are now taking up arms,” Clay explained. “And they are saying, ‘OK, if we are going to politicize everything in this country, then let’s actually go to war and figure out what’s going to happen.’

“Now, I think we’re in for a real boxing match, a real fight, where punches are going to get thrown in both directions. And I think this has changed the dynamic — a paradigm shift in a big way.”

Clay and Hegseth then discussed Senator Marco Rubio calling out Manfred’s hypocrisy with having a membership at Augusta National, home of The Masters, in Georgia. Of course, Clay was ready to tee off on that as well. Hegseth asked Clay how that was supposed to work.

“It doesn’t work at all. It’s hypocritical,” Clay said. “Give credit to Senator Rubio for calling out the commissioner here, Rob Manfred, for all of this ridiculous hypocrisy. There are still 81 home baseball games that are going to be played in the Atlanta Braves stadium. And the state they’re reportedly moving to, Colorado, actually has more restrictive election law — restrictions in their law — than exists in Georgia.

“It’s all such farcical, ridiculousness and absurdity, and that’s the most frustrating thing to me about this. People decide, often Left-wingers, what the narrative is going to be, they apply it to sports and there’s so few people with functional brains in my industry that they blindly applaud this social justice activism without actually researching election law itself.”

It’s a fantastic interview, which you can watch in its entirety by clicking here.

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