Clay Joins ‘Hannity’ To Discuss Fauci’s Failed COVID Predictions For The Football Season

Prior to the start of college and NFL football, Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted a catastrophic rise in COVID cases at the notion of packed stadiums of fans standing shoulder to shoulder after in-person attendance was prohibited in 2020.

One month later, the fan experience is back in full swing. Instead of hitting the mark, Fauci once again failed to provide an educated opinion outside of a Democratic agenda — which has led to the left-wing hero’s demise in confidence with the American people.

Clay Travis joined Sean Hannity on Friday night to talk packed stadiums and a post-COVID football season, straight from the OutKick College Football Tour bus.

“Fauci said that COVID was gonna feast on college football fans because of the no masks, because of the full stadiums. And he’s one hundred percent wrong,” shared Clay. “Cases have plummeted all over the south, down nearly 60 percent in Florida. Nobody’s talking about it. Fauci was wrong again, and I gotta tell ya, people are living their best lives out here. …

“All of this is madness and it’s anti-science. Fauci just continues to be wrong. He should resign — we need a new person to be the czar of COVID in this White House with Biden. It shouldn’t be Fauci, he’s a disaster.

“I think he knows it and I’m glad he’s finally getting called on it. I encourage everybody out there — NFL stadiums, college stadiums — pack ’em, burn the masks. … Football fans are leading us back to sanity, I never would’ve believed it.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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