Clay Joins Fox & Friends To Talk NBA Vaccine Drama

During the Orlando Magic’s offseason media day, forward Jonathan Isaac was pressed on his vaccine “hesitancy,” which led to a fleshed out answer rooted in data and common sense.

“With me having COVID in the past, to having antibodies with my current age group, and physical fitness level, it’s not necessarily a fear of mine taking the vaccine,” answered Isaac, joining a small group of players in the NBA holding on to free choice — in the face of potentially missing games and millions of dollars due to ongoing COVID hysteria from the sports media.

With October signaling the return of the regular season, and no current vaccination mandate on behalf of commissioner Adam Silver, the narrative is starting to shift toward the unvaccinated players, and what eventual punishment for holding personal beliefs will entail … should these players hold firm in the coming weeks.

OutKick founder Clay Travis joined Fox & Friends with Brian Kilmeade to discuss the ongoing vaccine drama coming from the NBA. Clay commended the unvaccinated players for not just exercising free will, but having the courage to voice their personal beliefs before microphones and cameras.

“Both of those guys said they had COVID and they had done the research,” said Clay, conversing with Kilmeade over the COVID vaccine insanity.

“This is not a huge shock because it tends to be true for most viruses. As you work through and look at the policy that’s being put in place, we’ve got a broken system, I believe. It’s not taking into account the possibility of natural immunity.”

Clay also cited data out of Israel supporting a call for natural immunity to lead our nation out of the pandemic, and to put an end to senseless vaccine mandates. “Seventy-seven percent of adults, 18 and up, have gotten at least one COVID vaccine. Of the remaining 23 percent, what percentage of those people have already had COVID and recovered from it, like Jonathan Isaac and Bradley Beal?

“We need to be having that conversation. There needs to be more nuance in terms of that discussion.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Not to mention data from Iceland and the UK. Double and triple vaxxed people are getting Covid, spreading it, going to hospital and dying. India is a large clinical trial that proves the vaxx doesn’t work and Ivermecten does.

    The vaccines do not work, maybe for a short period but I question that as well. The only things the vaxxes do are make big money for big pharma and let socialist democrats be authoritarians.

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