And That’s A Wrap: Clay Signs Off ‘OutKick the Coverage’ Radio For Final Time

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After six years, OutKick founder, leader and the voice of OutKick on Fox Sports Radio said farewell to his audience Friday morning. He will now transition to the 12-3 ET time slot that was once occupied by the Rush Limbaugh Show. Clay will team up with Buck Sexton for a show that will be broadcast across the country on Premiere Networks, a subsidiary of iHeartMedia.

“Unfortunately in our modern woke culture, most people don’t make their own bold choices. They think about what they’re supposed to say or what they’re supposed to believe, and then they seek, like sheep, to follow the lead of the woke masses. I’ve never done that, and I never will,” Clay wrote Thursday in a post announcing his move.

“After much contemplation, I’m sure I’m right and now I’m going ahead.”

Clay took to the airwaves Friday morning and told his listeners about his decision to take the Rush Limbaugh timeslot position. “It’s an incredible honor they came to me and said, ‘We want you to take over in that noon to three eastern window in the biggest job in all of radio,'” Clay said.

“I couldn’t say no.”

Clay’s next challenge is to get ready for June 21, when The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show goes live across hundreds of stations. Premiere president Julie Talbott, whom Clay notes in his farewell speech to OutKick listeners, told the Wall Street Journal that this is a new show. It’s not a continuation of the Rush Limbaugh Show.

“We’re not going to replace Rush Limbaugh. We’re going to have an evolution of the show with fresh voices—those that grew up on Rush and admired him,” she said.

What will a Clay & Buck show sound like?

“I think we’re going to have a really smart, original, funny, and authentic show which will connect with a lot of you, and we start really soon,” Clay added, noting his summer is about to ramp up in a big, big way with a boatload of responsibility.

But in the end, Clay says, this job opportunity was just too good to pass up.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

Kinsey graduated from University of Toledo.


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  1. Clay gets a big “Thank You!” and a pat on the back. He has large, and cavernous shoes to try to fill in that time slot, with that potential audience. He has a good partner in Buck Sexton, whom I have listened to for some time now.

    Best of luck, Clay!

  2. I’m all for people getting promoted and moving up in terms of pay. But Clay please watch out the Rush fan base was supper conservative and your not. You can’t talk about boobs in that time slot or your gonna shed viewers faster than when Whitlock left.

      • Hey Bob…always thinking of you lol. But you’re the one hung up on sweat equity. The term is very common in financial/business circles…but how would an English Lit major/Socialism minor guy know that? He wouldn’t…so he mocks the people who put in their sweat equity every day in their businesses.
        Another thing an English Lit major/socialism minor guy wouldn’t get is that in media/sports/entertainment/journalism – all of those areas – men and women are hired all the time based on their brand, their body of work, their CV, their gravitas.
        Unlike Sam Savage, who Clay paid $42K/month to crunch numbers behind the scene, Jason Whitlock was out front gonna be a big part of OKTC’s brand…and dare i say, more likely the face of OKTC mores than Clay…well, at least equally in the media realm.
        Sam couldn’t allow that…and he got his way (Clay gifted him 1/3 of OKTC) and ultimately his gambit worked and he was the wedge between Clay and Jason.
        And guess who walked away from OKTC with a NICE BUNDLE OF CASH? Uh huh.
        So wipe your brow, Bob, and think about all the men and women who really sweated for years to make you safe in PA.

  3. So nice to see the sports media upset about Clay’s success. One clown on Fox Sports was equating Clay’s leaving Outkick due in part to the increase in the NBA playoff ratings. Geez. I am pretty sure this new radio gig has been in the works long before the playoffs. Most sports radio cucks seem to fear Clay.

    • Whitlock was given an equity stake in Outkick without any out of pocket investment. He voluntarily left and slammed Clay and Outkick on the way out. No one, including Fox, has hired him since. Fox now owns Outkick. Read between the lines people. Whitlock is not coming back to Outkick. If your looking for someone to blame for that his name is Jason Whitlock.

      • JLW didn’t ante up because Sam didn’t ante up, Bob. How does Clay gift 1/3 of OKTC to Sam for nothing? He was paying Sam on the books for his media work…but he gifts him 1/3 of the company and still asks Jason to ante up $500K? You woulda walked too, Bob, if you could get off your highbrow horse for maybe a minute and use your logic instead of knee jerk socialism.
        Keep repeating the lie, but it doesn’t make it true.

        • I don’t know either the corporate structure nor the ownership structure of Outkick. Perhaps you do and thereby understand why Jason was P.O.ed.
          My limited knowledge is that Outkick was Clay’s baby and that he was the sole owner. He offered 1/3 interest to Jason for $500K of which Jason apparently agreed to. If this is correct, then Clay still owned 2/3 of Outkick. He could do with it as he pleased. He could have gifted the entire portion of his ownership to the DNC if he wanted to and it wouldn’t be of Jason’s concern other than he could be P.O.ed by who Clay bequeathed a portion or all of his ownership. If, and again I don’t know the structure, this is correct then Jason had to have known Clay still owned 2/3 of Outkick and Jason agreed to that relationship when he signed on the dotted line.
          I love Jason’s writing but he doesn’t seem to have a leg to stand on over this disagreement.

          • Hey William…you may not have been here since last June, but Bob in PA surely was, so he should no better than perpetuating a false narrative.
            William…Clay brought Jason on board as a 1/3 owner for $500K. Sam Savage was OKTC’s media guy, and he was being paid $42K/month for his work.
            Clay also brought Sam in as a 1/3 partner, and Clay valued the company at $1.5MIL and all three guys were putting $500K into the pot. That’s what we all heard and/or read.

            Once Jason came on board and started cranking out great content, pushing back on BLM and socialist/marxist agendas, including several TV interviews, and including with Pres. Trump (and Jason had been on Fox News with Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham over the last few years) their visibility went national.

            So the numbers start to look real good vis-a-vis new subscribers to OKTC’s VIP services and we hear that the company’s outlook and trending is going way up.
            It was said on OKTC that Sam was talking to Clay about how great they were doing and that they might be another $100MIL company like when Penn Gaming bought Barstool Sports from Dave Portnoy.

            When it came time to ante up – for real – the story was that Clay said that since OKTC was doing so great and projections were through the roof and sponsor money, advertisers, etc, that Clay said he wasn’t going to pursue getting the $500K from Sam because things were so good financially. Please remember Sam Savage was getting paid for his media work for OKTC at this time, so Sam was not putting up his “work” for Clay as his contribution to the $150K ante.
            So Jason said heck, if Sam’s not throwing money in the pot then he wasn’t gonna either. After that things went sideways.

            That’s what we all heard and read online and on the site to a lesser degree.
            And remember also that Clay never refuted those descriptions of what happened.

            Bob says “they didn’t seem to need the capital” (from Sam), but Jason was the reason for the upward movement and he would have been the reason for the continued organic growth of OKTC…that’s NOT disputable.
            Since when does a company NOT NEED CAPITAL??? That’s what an English Lit major like Bob would say, of course.
            That was Clay’s gift to Sam, and it wasn’t part of the agreement when Jason was brought in and told the 3-way/$150K valuation story.
            OKTC was a very good sports site with a regional/Southeast SEC flavor, but when Jason came on board they became a national website in both the political arena and in the sports arena.

        • Because it was Clay’s company and he can do whatever he wants. Clay didn’t ask Whitlock to invest any capital. Whitlock’s issue was that Sam didn’t invest $500k. Clay as the majority shareholder didn’t have a problem with Sam not investing because they seemingly didn’t need that capital injection. Whitlock left, end of story.

          On a side note how is anything I am saying socialism? Is that your go to insult when you encounter people that are smarter than you?

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