Clay: Far Left Politics Do Little But Alienate Sports Fans, As Interest Declines And Media Jobs Vanish

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Why make something that has nothing to do with your product part of your product when it’s proven to play a large role in destroying your product?

That’s the question sports leagues and teams in America should be asking themselves before marching on with their typically far-left political stances, according to OutKick founder Clay Travis.

“I’ve always said it’s just bad business to alienate any consumers with politics when your business is designed to appeal to everyone,” Clay tweeted. “If they like the product — & fans do like sports — why give them a reason not to like your business with something that isn’t part of the product?”

Clay was responding to Andrew Brandt, the executive director of the Moorad Center at Villanova University. Brandt, who also writes columns for Sports Illustrated, tweeted that people “who want ‘politics out of sports’ don’t really want that. They want ‘politics they don’t agree with’ out of sports.”

There actually may be some truth to that, as every time someone expresses a conservative view on ESPN … well, they get canned. But Clay disagreed with Brandt, saying that the data shows the majority of fans want to watch and listen to games — and only games.

“This isn’t remotely true,” Clay wrote in response to Brandt’s hot take. “Most sports fans watch sports to escape politics. Far left wing politics have overtaken sports & most sports media cheer this because sports media are overwhelmingly far left wing. But it’s killing sports. And ironically many sports media jobs too.”

And when it comes to politics in sports, Clay noted, almost all of it consists of liberal causes, and only liberal causes.

“I’ve never heard anyone conservative argue they want athletes to kneel during the national anthem to oppose gay marriage, abortion being legal, to combat second amendment rights being challenged or to demand lower taxes or to support any political cause associated with the right,” Clay wrote.

“What changed? Left wing sports media praised athletes to the high heavens for sharing the same political opinions the sports media has. While ripping any athlete with conservative opinions. The result? A left wing sports media circle jerk echo chamber.”

There’s more.

“The further result? I’m the only member of the national sports media who publicly said he or she was voting for Trump. In the entire industry!” Clay wrote. “People were — and still are — terrified to say they voted for Trump. Even though many in sports did. Same is true for athletes.”

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. Better be careful. Big leftist brother is watching.
    James O’Keefe just had his account shutdown by Twitter for showing video of CNN personnel admitting they were out to get Trump and that they product propaganda.

    BigTech has nothing to do with the truth. It is all about power. That is the left. Just look at the Supreme Court.

    I know you are concerned about sports but sports is just a speed bump compared to what BigTech is doing to the news.

  2. I guess the money that some musicians, athletes , actors is so great that alienating half the country is no big deal. I no longer buy Nike products, I won’t go see Roger Waters and the list of actors grows daily that i won’t watch. Not saying that affects them one iota. Personal choice as consumer. Not to mention that I used to enjoy taking customers to Rockets games up until it became non-stop noise at games. thats been decade ago at least. NFL games no longer enjoyable as well live, non stop noise and game stoppages.

  3. Agree. More and more of us have eliminated or reduced our consumption of these products and services from entities who think it is ok to lecture, cajole and demean their customer base. Eventually there will be an impact.

  4. Great article Clay! I can attest for one that I’ve had enough of their bullshit! Im so fed up that I did not renew my season tickets for the Seattle Seahawks and if the NHL starts up again with their woke garbage I will cancel those season tickets too!

  5. I was never a fan of not purchasing a product if they don’t align with me politically, but I’ve become that guy lately. Just this morning I passed over Ben & Jerry’s for Giffords ice cream (which is better anyway).

  6. The list of companies to avoid because they have let me know that they aren’t interested in my money continues to grow. We’re just one family, but my hope is that there are a lot more like us, and eventually there will be an impact to the bottom line for these companies, forcing them to keep political views out of their business model.

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