Clay: Facebook’s Ban Of Trump Fairly China-Like

An independent oversight board upheld Facebook’s decision to ban former President Donald Trump, and OutKick founder Clay Travis says that’s no reason to celebrate.

“It’s the wrong decision,” Clay says. “The social media platforms have become so popular that we are effectively creating a default system in the United States that reflects the Chinese government.”

Clay goes on to explain his point.

“The United States government is not banning Donald Trump, but Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram … you name a big tech company with a substantial audience, they all banned Donald Trump simultaneously,” he says. “Regardless of whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or you don’t care about politics at all, this is an awful precedent.”

Clay goes on to share why he feels this is such a bad — and China-like — move in the video below. Be sure to give it a look.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. Who is going to stop Facebook?

    Republicans in Congress had the power to alter section 230 and did nothing when they had a Republican President.

    What will happen when there is a Republican Congress next time?
    Facebook will send lots of lobbyist with lots of money and the Repubs will say “Facebook has reformed itself, God bless the free market”.

    Only building out another platform will solve the problem.
    I notice this site still hasn’t embraced at least one alternative platform.
    You can continue to post to Facebook & Twitter while helping to develop a platform…think about it.

  2. I have a theory that will not be popular or uplifting but it makes sense of some things to me. We are discussing being “China like” in terms of ideology and how we must fight this. My theory is the fight is over and we are just playing out the string. If I presume the Neo-Marxist / Democratic party is already full on controlled by China along with the Legacy media it makes the constant push to divide make more sense. LeBron “shuts up and dribbles” because he and the NBA were bought and paid for years ago by China. We are just now seeing some of the fruits of this, but you cannot commit a crime great enough as a black person to justify getting shot by a white police officer. Name the crime or wrong a black person aligned with the BLM/Marxist ideology could attempt to commit that the media would agree would be justified to use deadly force to stop them. Its not racial violence, its not not crime against children, old people, animals….nothing. BECAUSE that is an easy tool to leverage stirring emotions in the masses.

    I hope to hell I am way off and paranoid.

    • I am a conspiracy theorist at heart (X Files was my favorite show in the 90’s) and I agree with a lot of your post Dan. It just takes digging a little below the surface to find that most of what you say is true. BLM and the left wing terrorists that don’t exist (Antifa) are outwardly Marxists/anarchists. The leap of logic here is not that great. China has been gobbling up assets while we worry about he/she/it/they/them pronouns and fake racism in this country.

  3. Democrats want to be China-like. No more pesky elections and having to answer to the citizens they are supposed to represent when in reality they are only representing themselves. Dems don’t care about a little social credit score here, a little genocide there…. after all Nazis were socialists and left on the political spectrum no matter what your liberal professors or liberal media try to tell you.

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