Clay Discusses Ohio State Football Players Returning and Which Schools May Have Issues

Ohio State has joined the list of schools who are planning to have athletes return to campus in the near future.

Clay discussed Ohio State returning on Outkick the Show on Wednesday morning and addressed several other schools who may face more issues geographically in attempting to make a return.

“So, to me, as I look at, as I look at this idea of opening up different campuses, this is an easy call in Ohio State. In the state of Ohio, everything is starting to open up in Ohio. Now, where it becomes more complicated, and I talked about this a little bit, is if you’re in a geographic area where there are a lot of different rules and maybe every school in the conference can’t have the same rules in place. And, the ones that are easy here to me are the SEC and the Big 12 because all 11 SEC states are going to be pretty much open by June 1 except for maybe Kentucky and their idiot governor. Although even him, I think their idiot governor is going to allow their state to open up but everybody else is opened up in the south. And, you look at the Big 12, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and also Iowa. There are only a few states in play in West Virginia where we’ve already heard from Gordon Gee that he plans on playing. So, the Big 12 is theoretically got a pretty easy situation. I would expect for Big 12 schools to start to return to campus sooner rather than later as well. But the really complicating situations are the ones with a great deal of geographic diversity. Let’s say for instance, the ACC, because there’s a huge difference in what the rules might be in let’s say Florida State and Clemson and Miami as well. And what the rule might be in Boston College, which is in the middle of Boston, Massachusetts, where the outbreak is much worse, or certainly what the rule might be in Pennsylvania, or what the rule might be in, in New York because of New York City, but with Syracuse there, so all of those can be complicated because I would think Dabo Sweeney will want his team back sooner rather than later at Clemson.”

Written by Michael Shamburger

Michael Shamburger is the Video Editor @ Outkick. He has 11+ years covering golf and college football and is a big LSU fan who prefers to hit driver-wedge as often as possible. DBAP

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Outkick the Show: Wednesday, May 20, 2020