Clay Discusses ‘National Tempest’ in America

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Supporters of President Donald Trump have clashed with police and stormed the US Capitol in Washington DC today. OutKick founder Clay Travis weighed in on the “national tempest” that is brewing in America:

If you prefer to watch on YouTube over Periscope, a bulk of the show is here:


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  1. Reminder to Republicans: You are (or were) supposed to be the party for “One Nation Under God.” Not “One Nation Under Trump.” God works in love. Not violence. Stop tarnishing His name like this and putting Him in a bad light.

  2. The 2020 election is definitely fraudulent. In 2016, there was no recount. The Clintons did not pursue a recount in the battleground states where the margins were razor thin. Why? Why don’t the democrats, Mainstream media, social media, big business (ad infinitum) want to publicly verify the accuracy of the 2020 election? It’s the same reason they won’t want a recount in 2024- cheating. I know this is circumstantial evidence, but Trump’s legal team have already provided the direct evidence of fraud to prove Trump won. I’m surprised Clay thinks Biden actually won.

    • There certainly were recounts in 2016 battleground states. They were filed in Michigan, Wisconsin & Pennsylvania. They were nominally filed by Jill Stein, but were fully funded by the Clinton campaign. And because of those recounts requested officially by a fringe candidate, those states all changed recount rules to make it tougher this time around.

  3. Why is it so hard to see that DC has become a corrupt place that is full of aristocrats that don’t give a shit about the people. They print money, do insider trading, get richer, give our tax money to their lobby friends while thinking a 600 dollar check will solve the misery created by lockdowns? They have the utmost contempt for us and so do the media. This will end like 1776 if the left and right unite around that. And this may happen sooner than you think if the contempt doesn’t stop.

  4. This video was well thought out and insightful. The quote from Ben Franklin about passions being a horrible governor is spot on.

    Looking back, there were two major revolutions within 15 years of each other. One was governed by emotion and excess which was a disaster that led to Napoleon (the French Revolution) and the other was governed by logic (the American revolution).

    Are we perfect as a country? No, the preamble to the constitution acknowledges that. Do we need to tone down the emotionalism? Absolutely. Passion feels right at the time, but leads to much regret. Logic makes you much more cautious decisions the way Lincoln was with the letters Clay mentioned. Logical thinking also means a lot less regret in life.

    • Good analysis but sadly our political class is behaving like the French aristocracy now. There’s a court in DC filled with lobbyists paying politicians and expecting more money in return while sending people the crumbs of the cake. To maintain their control they’ll have to increasingly limit our liberties. They have so mismanaged this country with wars and spendings that it is also the only way to mask their incompetence. Louis the XVI when lending money to the American revolution to piss of England led to the French Revolution. People starved and he increased taxes. We are not far off to have the same conditions if the lockdowns continue

      • I agree that the political class is out of touch. Their fiscal irresponsibility disgusts me. Again, emotional satisfaction in the moment (yay free money!) while totally ignoring how to pay for it later on.

        The lockdowns have caused far more harm than good. Lord Sumption over in England has been writing about the harm they’ve done.

        We have much common ground and we’d have an interesting discussion, but internet forums don’t lend themselves to extended conversations. I raise a digital drink to you and wish you well.

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