Clay: CA Citizens Voted To Keep Gov. Gavin Newsom Over Their Freedoms

Now that Gov. Gavin Newsom has survived his recall election with overwhelming favor, COVID restrictions are expected to be as plentiful as discarded needles on a Venice sidewalk.

Increasing homelessness, a rise in crime, draconian lockdowns and overall decrease in living conditions has turned the Golden State to bronze.

But on Tuesday, over 60 percent of Californians voted in favor of keeping Gov. Newsom in office. So now, no matter how frequently the science is ignored or restrictions are re-introduced, Newsom doesn’t have to try and do a better job because the people simply didn’t demand it.

Clay spoke about the recall election during Wednesday’s OutKick The Show — breaking down how his admiration for the once-exceptional state has crumbled under Newson’s leadership.

“Wouldn’t want to live there. Wouldn’t want to pay an incredibly high rate of taxes,” said Clay, before rolling out a laundry (not French) list of why he would forego living in California nowadays. “Wouldn’t want to pay, with my freedom, when it comes to my kids being able to go to school without wearing masks. Wouldn’t want to be embracing anti-science. Wouldn’t want to be ignoring natural immunity. Wouldn’t want to be ignoring all the studies that reflect masks don’t make any sense in schools. And wouldn’t want to be dealing with Gavin Newsom as the governor of my state. And I think there are a lot of people that agree with me. …

“And that’s why I think COVID is making the Blue states bluer, and the Red states redder, because people every single day are making the decision to leave those states as opposed to continue with the draconian restrictions surrounding COVID and how nonsensical and anti-science they are. But it’s not a surprise.”

Californians can now look forward to their state officials dictating whether they are able to drink at a bar or attend a sporting event — a clear surrender of personal liberties.


Clay, alongside Buck Sexton, spoke on the results of Tuesday’s recall election, and the lunacy of voting a deranged governor back into office.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Dude is a straight up slimeball. Under no measurable metric has this guy done a good job and almost nowhere else can you suck at your job this much and not be fired. It’s mind blowing, yet unsurprising he won the recall by a landslide. People get what they deserve. Those who don’t deserve it leave.

    • The past 5 years have made something clear to me:

      -Republicans in DC are not fighting back.
      They are merely negotiating the terms of their surrender.

      If they represented their constituents at all they would HOWLING against mail in balloting and against the ridiculous importation of the 3rd world into our southern border.

  2. We are apparently trusting election results “on faith” now. No one is watching. No one is checking. No one is policing. No one knows. It’s by blind faith we elect leaders now, because no reasonable person with eyes and a mind believes our current election process is secure. It’s just not.

    • Exactly. We are no better than Venezuela and every other country that rigs elections. I imagine this has been happening for years but Trump finally caused it to be out in the open, just like the fake news media, hypocritical Hollywood, pharmaceutical complex, and the list goes on.

      • When you realize that a slot machine in Las Vegas is more tightly regulated &a secure than a voting machine in California – then you understand the fraud is 100% deliberate. All those people that showed up to find out “they already voted”…. SMH

        Growing up I thought that 3rd world elections simply didn’t take place in this country. I have since learned otherwise.

  3. Well as someone who lives in NY State I can relate to the minority of people in California whose voices (and votes) weren’t heard. Governor Hochul (otherwise known as Gretchen Whitmer 2.0) is mandating masks in schools for any child 2 years and older. Insanity. Our next generation will fear everything and believe that government should have unquestioned power over their lives.

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