Trump Talks Biden's 'Massive' Failures, New Social Media App And Other Hot Topics With Clay & Buck

Donald Trump joined the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show on George Washington's birthday, offering his thoughts on the "massive" failures of the Biden administration and discussing his new wildly popular social media app, Truth.

"This is a disaster what's going on," Trump told Clay and Buck. "Afghanistan may have been the most embarrassing moment in the history of our country. We have millions of people who have bum-rushed the border. ...

"Take the five worst presidents in history of our country, combine them, and I don't think they've done the damage that this administration has done."

Trump went on to talk about the Russia-Ukraine mess, the soaring gas prices and overall inflation, and of course the COVID-19 mess of the Biden administration. More cases were reported in Biden's first 12 months in office than in Trump's final 12 months, despite Biden having the benefit of the vaccine.

"What went wrong was a rigged election. What went wrong was a candidate who shouldn't be there," Trump said.

While Biden's poll numbers continue their historical landslide, Trump and the Republicans have seen a dramatic rise.

"We've been doing really well politically. We've seen the polls -- 98 percent approval of Republican party," Trump said.

"They used to be a watchdog, now they're just a lapdog.'

Trump also responded to questions from Clay & Buck on several other topics, including the Canadian trucker protest and his intentions to run again for president in 2024.

On the Canadian truckers:

"I do support the protest. Basically, their freedoms were being taken away. So they've been very brave. (Canadian prime minister Justin) Trudeau was never happy with me because of trade. He was trying to rip us off. Canada is very unhappy, Mexico is also unhappy. In a way, that makes me feel good, but in a way, I want them to be happy."

On why he would run again in 2024:

"I love the country. I have never seen anything like what's happening right now. What (Biden) has done is so devastating. ... There's so much damage done. I just don't think he can (fix) it. What they've done toward the destruction of this country has been so massive. You have to be very careful with the election. You have to make sure the vote-counters are honest."

On his Truth social media app:

"It's become a big deal. Twitter is boring as hell now. Same thing with Facebook. They're dying. The stock is tanking. ... Minds are blowing because Trump has the name 'Truth.'"

On the state of CNN and the mainstream media:

"They are broken. I looked at their ratings the other day. ... Jeff Zucker is a disgrace. CNN has done really badly, and MSNDC -- that's what I call them -- is doing horribly. Total fake news.

"If we don't start straightening out the honesty of the media, this country will never recover. They used to be a watchdog, now they're just a lapdog."

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