President Donald Trump Joins The Clay & Buck Sexton Show To Talk Twitter, Upcoming World Series Appearance, Sleepy Joe, More...

Former President of the United States Donald Trump joined The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show Friday to discuss America's trending topics, including Big Tech, personal choice with the vaccine, wokeism in sports and an updated progress report on President Joe Biden.

Clay asked former President Trump about his upcoming appearance at Saturday's Game 4 of the World Series, what he expects the reception to be like compared to President Joe Brandon and the ongoing debate on the Braves' Tomahawk Chop — now labeled a "racist" act by liberal media outlets.

"Well I think it's ridiculous when you get down to it," Trump admitted. He detailed the insanity behind the Cleveland Indians giving in to cancel culture by changing their team name to the Guardians, and added that he thinks the fans' reception to his upcoming appearance will be "great."

Trump also discussed the crisis at the U.S. border and the ludicrous idea put forth by the Biden administration to pay illegal immigrants $450,000, and more, for "psychological trauma."

"We've become a dumping ground, and it's a very sad thing," Trump said. "It's not even believable what they're doing."

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