Clay: Biden's Vaccine Promises Proving False

Reported cases of COVID-19 have been up during the first several months of Joe Biden's presidency, which is the opposite of what Biden repeatedly promised during his campaign.

"I'm going to end this," Biden promised during one debate.

But as OutKick founder Clay Travis pointed out on "The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show," Biden's words are ringing empty.

"Everything that you were sold by the Biden administration -- 'Hey, get your vaccine, you'll never have to worry about testing positive, you'll never have to worry about going to the hospital, you'll never have to worry about dying with COVID' -- that's not true," Clay said.

Nonetheless, Biden keeps pushing the vaccine as a solution and gave a third speech about the vax in front of the cameras on Monday.

"Boosters are important, but the most important thing we need to do is get more people vaccinated," he said.

Biden then went on to estimate that only 23% of Americans have not been vaccinated, then blamed those people for causing "an awful lot of damage for the rest of the country."

Clay begged to differ, saying that the data reveals that even the vaccinated are still testing positive for the virus. Some have even been hospitalized.

Regulators recently recommended a third dose of Pfizer's vaccine for those 65 and older, as well as approved a third dose for others with preexisting conditions or high-risk work settings.

The FDA has not recommended a third shot for those who don't meet that criteria.

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