Clay and Buck: Bill Cosby is Not Guilty, But Not Innocent

Bill Cosby was set free Wednesday due to technicalities. Clay Travis and Buck Sexton reacted further on Thursday's show:

"To me, there is a difference between being not guilty and being innocent," Clay tells Buck. "And I think a lot of people conflate those two. But from a legal perspective, you can be not guilty of a particular charge or a particular crime and still probably have done it, and I think that’s where we are with Bill Cosby. And I think there’s a little bit of an analogy here with OJ, right? If you want to go back a long time to OJ Simpson, OJ Simpson clearly killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, for anyone out there who paid any attention to that case at all."

Buck responds, anyone "who believes in reality, yes."

Clay: "Now, what I would say is so interesting about the way this story is being covered so far is it’s very muted. There are somewhere around 60 women who accused Bill Cosby of raping them — 60, six zero. I am of the opinion… I have never seen a story in my career as a lawyer where you could get 60 different women to lie and all tell the same lie."

Buck: "Right. This is effectively statistically impossible."

Clay: "Impossible."

Listen to Clay and Buck's full segment on Bill Cosby here or watch some below:

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