Clay Travis, Buck Sexton Address New Listeners

Clay Travis and Buck Sexton debuted their radio show on Monday with a pledge to their listeners. Clay and Buck say that while they can never replace Rush Limbaugh, they can continue the fight.

“We are stepping into the time slot of one of the greatest individuals to ever do radio,” Clay begins, “if not the greatest individual that has ever done radio in the history of this medium.

“We are never going to say that we are replacing Rush Limbaugh. No one is ever going to replace Rush Limbaugh. We are going to continue the fights that Rush Limbaugh fought so eloquently and spectacularly for so many years. We understand that there’s a mission. We understand that there is a fight.”

Buck credits Rush Limbaugh as the reason he does talk radio.

“Rush was the leader of this movement,” Buck goes on. “There’s a whole generation or multiple generations of people who are taking up the fight for conservatism because of what Rush Limbaugh stood for, what he meant.”

Here’s the opening segment:

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Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Good show. I was surprised they kept the lead-in music.

    One major annoyance: At the end of each segment, there was a pitch for some product or service literally leading into a long commercial break. Ugh…

    • 🚨 Unpopular opinion alert 🚨

      Conservatives deserve better than a guy in Clay Travis who voted twice for Obama and is extremely socially progressive. Clay checks two boxes: 1) he likes capitalism. 2) He is against wokeness.
      Ok that’s great. But Is that all that is required now??

      • I think an argument like this is very narrow. First off, people vote for candidates first, parties second. I did the same thing. Donald Trump was a Democrat at one point. Do you want to dismiss him, as well???

      • I think as Clay grows & becomes far more wealthier, his political stances are swaying from 10-year-ago Clay.
        Also, one of his major strengths is breaking down conservative thoughts in a way that makes the other side look rather foolish. Something many great conservatives have lacked over the years.

      • No argument, S_O_P, but as someone who used to have my butt somewhere lacking sunlight, enough that I voted for Bill Clinton in ’92 *and* ’96, let’s not forget sentiments from two great minds (both of whom used to walk closer to the left than the right): Churchill’s “If you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 40 …,” and Reagan’s “You’re my 75% ally, not 25% enemy.”

        Mr. Travis’ trajectory has been heading in the correct direction. Keep on trusting and verifying that (God, thank you for Ronald Reagan), but he’s definitely a strong enough ally right now in my book.

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