Clay: Baker’s UFO, Braves Planning Full Capacity for All-Star Game, And More

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The news of Baker Mayfield’s alleged UFO sighting with his wife, Emily Wilkinson, has made the rounds today. People have been all over the place with this story, but it’s an interesting topic nonetheless.

We don’t know if he really saw something, but it would be ridiculous for him to lie about it. Even if he isn’t making it up, we don’t know if that UFO was an alien spacecraft — hence why it’s called an unidentified flying object.

OutKick founder Clay Travis believes there’s life out there, however. He also believes in ghosts, which he discussed on OutKick the Show on Thursday.

“I believe in UFOs, I believe in aliens,” Clay said. “I think aliens have probably visited the planet Earth at some point in time. I think they have technology that is far in excess of our ability to track them — not a surprise.

“Yes, I believe in UFOs, I believe in aliens, I believe in ghosts. I think we always have a small measure of actual knowledge about our surrounding world. Everybody thinks they know everything, and then 100 years from now, we all look like idiots.”

At this point, how can people say they don’t believe in UFOs? Does that mean Baker saw one? No, but it’s possible. I saw some things back in 2020 that made me question a lot of things.

Clay also touched on several other topics during the show, including the Braves planning for 100 percent capacity at the All-Star Game they’re hosting, myocarditis fear porn coming up empty-handed, Amazon getting Thursday Night Football and a whole lot more.

Check that video out below:

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