Clay and Will Cain Share Great Advice On Pursuing Your Passions

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Will Cain, a co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend on Fox News, will now be joining OutKick founder Clay Travis on his radio show for a weekly segment. If Thursday’s appearance is any indication, it’s going to be a must-listen each and every week.

The two covered several compelling topics, but the discussion on pursuing your passion was fantastic.

It started with Clay sharing a story about how Kirk Herbstreit got into the sports industry. Following his time at Ohio State, Herbstreit had a $70,000 a year job opportunity in business. He also had an offer for a local radio gig that paid just $12,000.

Herbstreit decided to take the lower paying job because he knew it was in a field he was passionate about. His short-term sacrifice yielded tremendous long-term results, and that got Clay and Cain sharing similar stories.

Cain splits it up into two categories: sacrifice and passion.

“When I graduated from law school at the University of Texas, a lot of my buddies were getting first-year jobs making $150,000 a year as lawyers,” Cain shared. “Instead, I went and worked for something like $15,000 a year at a small town newspaper outside of Austin in the hill country.

“I made that sacrifice because I had a long-term vision in mind. I was always willing to sacrifice the short term for the long term. Now, I know the woke-ist of the woke out there will say that’s privilege in some way. They could come after me the same same way they went after Jane Slater for some type of privilege, and for that, I say, ‘Bring it on.’

“I know what it means when you take something less than what you’re worth and what you have to do to sacrifice and have a bigger goal in mind.”

Great stuff, right? Well, sacrifice is only part of the equation. The other part is passion, and after sharing a quick story about one of his early career failures, Cain dives further into that side of things, including an interesting point about failure.

“When you fail, there’s nothing to cushion the reality of how you spent the last several years,” he pointed out. “When you succeed, the dollars cover up a lot of time that you didn’t enjoy. When there’s no dollars at the end of that rainbow, there’s nothing to cushion the question of how did I spent my 2-3 years.

“For me, I was not passionate about quinceaneras [his previous venture]. But it really focused me in on whatever you sacrifice next, whatever risk you take next, just be passionate about it everyday. So that whatever the outcome is — win, lose, make money or don’t make money — that I’ll be happy about the outcome.”

Listen to Will and Clay from the podcast below:

It was a great conversation and definitely worth checking out. Clay also shared some of his own personal stories about chasing money during OutKick the Show on Wednesday. Check it out below:

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