Clay and Buck Roast The Left’s Strategy For Upcoming Midterms with Rep. Jim Jordan

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Congressman Jim Jordan joined Clay Travis and Buck Sexton on Tuesday’s The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show to discuss the Democrats’ recent run of problems: from overseeing the collapse of the Southern border to embarrassing the nation on the global stage.

Sexton noted that Biden and the Dems have been through such a pummeling for their views on COVID, CRT and crime that their excuse for failure around the upcoming midterms will need to be outrageous.

“I haven’t even heard what the new narrative is supposed to be yet,” Buck said. “They trot out a little bit of January 6, that’s not gonna cut it with inflation at 8.5 percent; with a wide-open Southern border; with violent crime rising rapidly in cities.”

Rep. Jordan stated, “I think they’re gonna come in and they’re gonna talk about January 6 and that the real threat is white supremacy.”

“I think that’s gonna be their play but I fully agree; the country gets it,” he added. “They know what’s happening on the border, they know what’s happening with inflation, they are seeing what’s happening with gas prices … I think the country sees all through it.”

Clay then asked Congressman Jordan if the Biden administration will eventually catch on to their doomed game plan.

“Are you concerned that the Biden administration may see the tea leaves,” Clay asked, “so they just ram through as many crazy government spending tax increases as they can?”

“In some ways, you gotta admire their tenacity for their crazy, left-wing beliefs,” the Congressman responded. “They actually go for it knowing it could cost them a lot of seats.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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    • Exactly. All these Republicans do is talk a good game, what they want to see done, how they want to get to the bottom of this or that, blah, blah, blah. They never do shit. A lot of mouth.

  1. Republicans !!!

    Stop telling us how bad the Democrat party sucks. We know that already.

    Instead, tell us what YOU are going to do to fix it.

    Because frankly, besides Donald Trump, you haven’t been much better.

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