Clay and Buck: Cal Professor Instructs Students On How To ‘Abolish Whiteness’

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Liberal lunacy reached a new degree at Cal Berkeley.

Zeus Leonardo, political author and associate dean at Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education, delivered a racist rant before his class of graduate students, making his case on why America needs to “abolish whiteness.”

Footage surfaced of the Berkeley lecture where Leonardo stated the following:

“That’s why I’m coming up with this recent understanding about whiteness is to abolish all white people. That’s very uncomfortable perhaps, but it asks about our definitions of what race is and what racial justice might mean.

“Genuine class unity is not going to happen because within it are these cleavages of racial struggles and gender struggles that prevent class unity from happening and prevents white working-class folks from achieving their goal.”

“All the elite schools now are basically social justice factories of lunacy,” said Buck Sexton on Friday’s episode of The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show.

Sexton commented on the radical Marxist root of Leonardo’s belief to do away with a sect of the American population, and how Leonardo’s stance has been normalized in college academia with the rise of Critical Race Theory.

“Why are parents so fired up about this stuff being taught to their kids? Well, when you get to the graduate level of CRT indoctrination, you’ll hear these things,” Sexton added.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. This sissy boy negro needs his ass kicked. The real problem, ,however, are the Whites who allow him to get away with this hate speech, whether it’s the administration or the students in his class. I agree with Hans, how can one sit there as a White person without challenging him or walking the fuck out?

  2. Kinda like the Nazi “final solution” with the Jews and this mfer still has a job well he should know unlike the Jews who were disarmed and could not fight back we the people are armed and ready for whatever these racist hateful pos want to bring it on.

  3. Of course if all of us white people were abolished, you know what they would call this place? Baltimore. Look at how well they`re doing. Just like the woke, every place that is run by blacks is ruined.
    This bitch is just another black angry man in America who hates this country, but won`t leave. He`d fit in perfectly with Ball Licker on the plantation.

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