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Clay And Billy Liucci Talk Tom Herman’s Future At Texas

Billy Liucci of joined Clay on OutKick this morning to discuss Texas A&M’s chances of making the College Football Playoff and the future of Texas football. Should the Longhorns move on from Tom Herman?

Clay: “There’s lots of smoke out there that Tom Herman is in danger of losing his job in Austin. He’s asked about it virtually every week in his press conference. Tough loss for them against Iowa State. What are you hearing about that situation for Tom Herman, and who do you think Texas would like? A lot of interest, it seems, in Urban Meyer and the same kind of reports about Urban Meyer that there were about Nick Saban back in the day. $10 million offer, Shelley Meyers looking around at houses, everybody’s wife always goes to look at houses. What do you think Texas does, and who were you hearing they might be interested in?”

Billy: “It is, like, it’s a real problem for Texas because if you bring Tom Herman back right now, I just don’t see how if you’re an administrator, a decision-maker, a big donor, how you can have any confidence. There’s got to be this giant vote of no-confidence if you ask, ‘Can this man and his staff recruit at the level they need to?’

“You can fall so far behind that, I don’t care if they hire Urban Meyer with Nick Saban as his defensive coordinator, it’s going to be hard to dig out of that. Dig out of that kind of hole. I think that’s what they’re scared of more than anything, and you know how success on the other side drives those decisions. A lot of times they’re panic-driven, right? And if A&M wins the next couple of weeks, and it looks like they have a real look at the playoffs, and Oklahoma’s righted the ship after those two losses. And you’re gonna sit there and tell all your donors and your big money people, ‘Hey, we’re gonna ride this out for another year because of the pandemic and the climate.’ I just don’t think it’s gonna fly.”

Written by Michael Shamburger

Michael has 11+ years covering golf and college football. He's walked alongside Tiger, bleeds Purple and Gold, and is thankful for Joe Burrow! DBAP


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  1. Asking some Agriculture Major from A&M to give honest and unbiased opinions about Texas is like asking CNN to fairly portray the Republicans. It just automatically becomes unreliable. He talks about having no confidence in Texas and that’s it’s compounded by the fact that their rivals are (in his opinion) much higher tier of a program is laughable. Outkick wrote a story beginning of season on how Jimbo needs to produce or he’ll be in trouble. A&M has done nothing since winning a game at Alabama in 2012 with Bi-polar Johnny Manziel. Past 2 years Texas won a New Years Six bowl vs #5 Georgia and a bowl win against #10 Utah.

    Urban meyer and nick saban as defensive coordinator won’t be able to dig them out of this “hole”….Clay I’m honestly disappointed you didn’t immediately hang up the call and play it off as “technical difficulties”

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