Clay Travis: America Is Safer When We Trust The Police

The COVID-19 virus has been deemed the greatest threat to our society by Democrats and activists with similar priorities. Meanwhile, all-time high murder rates continue to claim the lives of Americans from all walks of life: Young and old, white and black, poor and rich.

Americans who have been paying attention since the violent George Floyd riots of 2020 understand that driving police away from underprivileged neighborhoods, minority communities and all areas in the nation was never going to make them safer.

One year later, Americans are left with cities like Chicago where toddlers get shot down in the street over unsafe conditions caused by lack of policing. And the political activists who called for defunding are now letting the rest of American society suffer the dangerous effects of their movement.

At the crux of defunding the police comes the need to dehumanize them, which hasn’t been going well for America.

On Thursday’s episode of OutKick the Show, Clay Travis walked through the implications of new highs in murder rates, and how demonizing police has slowly opened up American streets for criminals and gangs to lay claim.

“Why did the murder rate in 2020 suddenly skyrocket?” asks Clay. “It’s because we allowed people to attack the police and try to send a message that police were the problem in this country — even though police solve and save and protect people who are white, black, Asian or Hispanic at unbelievable rates.

“If you demonize police, they move out. They don’t work as hard. They don’t pursue justice as aggressively. They don’t police anywhere near the same level. Then the criminal element moves in and violence crime skyrockets, particularly murder.”

Once the George Floyd scene spread through the online forums, Democrats and BLM seized a narrative to pit minorities, especially black people, against the police. Defunding and ousting the police now means a tragic loss of security for all Americans.

“The reality is, the Defund the Police people don’t actually care because they’re arguing politics. They’re not actually trying to make anyone’s life actually better. As a result, police pull back, they aren’t able to protect people and the murder rate skyrockets as the criminal element comes in. We saw it happen in 2016 with Ferguson; we saw it happen nationwide in 2020.”

If you agree with Clay, chief medical authority Joy Reid may have a syndrome for you.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Agree. To a point. If the police start acting like the jackboots in Australia – using pepper spray on 70 year-old women laying on the ground and curb-stomping other helpless demonstrators – then we owe them nothing but rebellion. I already feel that way about the FBI and the rest of the alphabet boys in DC. They are oppressors and deserve to be viewed as such.

    • I agree and was thinking the same thing as I read. We need good, honorable, God fearing police who don’t set aside doing what’s right because a commanding officer or even an immoral mandate said so. We don’t need more meatheads. We see that in Australia now daily and it’s despicable behavior. No one is above corruption, and every organization given such authority over their fellow citizens needs a matching level of accountability.

  2. Speaking on Ms. Reid, that imbecile is complaining about the coverage given to the Gabby Petito case and saying it would happen if she was black. Did she already forget the summer of George Floyd. 24/7 coverage for 6 months. Also do me this favor, name me 1 white guy killed by the police in the past 10 years. I bet you can’t. But we bet you can name a bunch of black guys. To pretend that blacks aren’t covered in the media is a joke. And by the way, don’t Joy Reid and Chris Cuomo, and Don Lemon have creative control over their shows. If they really wanted to bring attention to more missing black woman or children they could. But they don’t, they just want to bitch and moan about media bias, which they are apart of. Clowns.

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