Claire Hogle Crushes Her Driver, The Differences Between Bama & The Soviet Union, Plus Vols Fans Are Jacked Up

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There’s no time to waste this morning

I’m on a serious deadline this Saturday morning due to a 9 a.m. first kick at the soccer fields, followed by a 10:15, then lunch, then some minor painting in the basement, then college football for approximately 10 hours. Look at that college football schedule.


And FOUR MLB playoff games, if you have enough TVs for all of this content. A few weeks ago, I upgraded to three basement TVs, and then days like today roll around and now I need a fourth TV. Could I use a fifth TV? Absolutely.

The sports content gods just keep ramping up their games with more and more.

Part of me wishes I was in Knoxville this morning taking in the festivities as Vols fans prepare for something that hasn’t been done since 2006. UT hasn’t beat Bama in Knoxville since a 16-13 nailbiter. John Parker Wilson was the Bama quarterback.

Remember what happened last year in the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry. Today’s game feels like that moment. The Vols have all this momentum and a guy collecting Social Security at quarterback who hasn’t turned the ball over.

As an outsider who enjoys chaos and the possibility of Tennessee fans going on a huge run to the College Football Playoff, I need the Vols to win this game. College football is getting stale with the same teams winning and their fans are getting stale as well. What happened to the fun backwoods Bama fans who made college football in the Interent era so fun for a decade-plus?

Give me the Vols. Give me chaos. Give me a new vibe to the college football world. Give me Josh Heupel eating a victory hot dog (on video) instead of smoking a cigar.

I’m really going to like having Mike T. in Europe for six months

Mike T. in Idaho understands what I’m looking for out of this European trip. He understands I need to see the oddities out there in the world. He and Cindy T. understand they need to have their head on swivels.

Friday’s find: this old Italian pickup truck.

Follow along on Mike & Cindy’s big adventure here:

Yes, snow is falling in some parts of the country

• Indy Daryl writes from Wisconsin:

No league night mow for me, but I offer pictures of snow as tribute!!

And here’s what it looked like in Minnesota:

The Screencaps Millennials are already liking this Millennial Week idea

• Mike B. in AZ writes:

Daily Screencaps millennial here. No lawn to mow in Arizona, had a beer fridge growing up on the east coast but AZ summers don’t permit garage appliances, keep the insta-thots and give me au naturale.

Wife and I look like financial geniuses because we bought in 2018. I don’t know what the heck designers and builders were thinking in the 90s but the bee-hive fireplace is the worst trend since shag carpeted bathrooms. After multiple slammed heads and our son using the mantle as a diving platform, we decided it had to go!

It’s easy just to live with things but the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, or in this case, one swing of a hammer. Below are pics of the process which opened up the room for new possibilities!

Note, it took less than 10 minutes from posting the fireplace unit, “FREE”, on Facebook marketplace for somebody to come take it.

Fall weddings, bees & tats

• Wyn in Colorado writes:

The weekend is upon us and I write this as I’m finally flying home from a weekend in Martha’s Vineyard followed by a week in Clearwater Beach, FL. Btw, MV was nice but I’m not the snooty type. Went to a “Black Tie” wedding where every guy was in his tight suit and uncomfortable dress shoes. Me? No sir, I wore a comfortable navy pinstriped suit. My date told me I’d stick out like a sore thumb. I wasn’t worried because I was going to be comfortable, especially in my high-top Nike’s. You know what happened? Almost every guy came up and said they were envious because they hated dressing up so much and were tired of their shoes. Also had a handful of husbands sitting at my table because I was the only one w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶b̶a̶l̶l̶s̶ smart enough to watch football on my phone during the reception. 

Regarding tattoos…I have 2 of them. One on each forearm. I’m a professional that’s been in banking and payments for almost 20 years. When I started you couldn’t get a banking job with a visible tattoo. Now I have c-level executive banking clients with full sleeves. Both my tattoos are representative of personal things in my life which I’ll never stop caring about so no regrets. 

Regarding bees, I’ve got a “masters in beekeeping’ from University if Montana. I’ve been beekeeping for 8 years. Honeybees especially are very docile (plenty of vids on social media with people sticking their bare hand in swarms) until you invade their space or start swatting at them. What species isn’t defensive in that case? Bees are necessary for humanity. We need them for pollination. The honey and pollen provided by bees provides numerous health benefits. Bee sting therapy has been tested and shown positive results for arthritis patients. I could go on and on with their benefits. 

Like Guy G. stated, ‘save the bees”.

Speaking of Guy G. in western New York, he has thoughts on tats

• Guy G. writes:

I’ve been thinking about this subject over the last few days, and more so through the summer. My oldest just turned 15, and wants to be an adult in the worst way. His fashion statement this summer was to get an ear pierced, against my advice and want. But…

Our conversation centered on tattoos, and how he should never get any until he’s 21+. And at that point, they had better be long thought out, no some whim. And NEVER anywhere that can’t be concealed by a short sleeve shirt. It was a good conversation, about how I would never hire someone to work with me, (office and travel job) that has a visible, not concealable tattoo/gauges/face piercing.

I don’t care how fashionable it is or becomes. I have a long time left to work, and will hire plenty of people before I’m done. I don’t care what the next generations feel is appropriate. It won’t be with me.

That said, I have 2 awful tattoos from 18yo-21yo. Greek style letters for my initials, and perfect 90’s tribal in black, highlighted in red. Of course it goes all the way ‘round! (Both terrible, and regretful) Since then, my first rugby club logo has been added, and I’ve blended the top of the tribal into the Grand Tetons. I will add a ski lift chair at some point, but need to make sure that we’re done with 3 kids. Don’t need to try and squeeze a 4th or more onto a tattoo well after the fact.

• John H., who has a very serious job title that I’m not going to disclose, writes:

This is for Richard B.  since he mentioned Eddie of Iron Maiden in his email.  I’m 59 and been a Maiden fan since 83, I’m seeing them in Tampa on the 27th

Here is my Eddie tattoo sleeve. 

Guess I didn’t grow out of my metal phase lol

Screencaps help: garbage workers and tipping question

• Mike in Columbus, OH (I’m pretty sure Mike is a new emailer) writes:

I have a question that I believe can be answered by the screencaps community, either by those in the field or those who maybe think similarly to me. 

I think I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about our Recycling and Garbage Collectors. I spend a lot of time breaking down boxes, using the box cutter to make over-sized boxes fit in the bins so the lid will close, determining if I should go to a second garbage can based on weight, etc. I get angry when I see my neighbors with overflowing cans and recycling bins. These workers are incredibly important to our society, why don’t more people think about this?

So, if anyone works in the industry, I have a few questions: do you prefer less cans, even if they are on the heavy side, or spreading that weight out among more cans? Do you care if boxes are broken down and things fit nicely in the bins? Does anyone else think about this?

Then, with the holidays right around the corner – I’ve always wanted to tip my garbage workers, but I haven’t, and shame on me for that. My main issue is I’m not sure of the mechanics here. Do you leave a bottle of Maker’s Mark on the curb? I have four kids, including one-year-old twins, my wife is not keeping an eye out for the trucks and hand-delivering these items. Is alcohol still appropriate? Cash? Gift cards? I don’t know. Again, I spend too much time thinking about these things. So, for those of you who tip – how do you do it, and for those in the industry, what would you like?

You heard the man, which one of you has experience tipping your trash guys? During my really busy booze years where brands would send me box after box of booze, I would tip my FedEx guy with bottles of Crown or whatever was coming in at that time. It’s a nice touch and these guys love it.

Should Mike hire a neighbor to go out there and hand-deliver the loot? Give him some suggestions.

Alright, I have to run. It’s 8:07 ET and this soccer match is about to start.

You guys have an incredible weekend. Good luck with your parlays. Win some money. Drink some beers. All the best to the Bourbon Bros® and please listen to Eddie in Acworth if you’re going to leave home with the patio lights on.

Stay safe and remember SeanJo is in charge of Sunday Screencaps. I’ll see you guys Monday morning.


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