Civil Rights Attorney Calls NBA Players’ Actions ‘Disingenuous’

NBA players are not getting the public support that perhaps the collective believed it would in the face of the latest protest.

Certainly the details about the Jacob Blake are not going to curry favor but when there are civil rights attorneys saying that your actions are not valid, that is bad news.

Leo Terrell, who told Fox News that he represented clients in police misconduct cases for decades, said he has never seen a case without the details being public knowledge then being leveraged to begin rioting, looting, assaulting civilians, or burning the municipalities before all the details were released.

“I find it disingenuous for them to make a determination about this situation before all facts are in,” Terrell said. “This is not George Floyd. They use [these cases] as a pretext.”

“Every black man doesn’t feel like they’re being chased by the police.”

In the days after the initial story — and narrative — was laid out for everyone, Los Angeles Laker LeBron James spoke out, the Milwaukee Bucks protested by not playing its playoff game, and it spurred talk of shutting down the entire league playoffs, a move led by LeBron.

Terrell concluded his segment with a poignant statement:

“Black people do not have a racial animus towards police officers. Why? Because there are black police officers [too]… This is not 1950.”

You can watch the full segment here:

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  1. Outkick: “NBA players are not getting the public support that perhaps the collective believed it would in the face of the latest protest.”

    FACT CHECK: OUTKICK is not being truthful…
    99% of OUTKICK members, and at least 80% of America’s basketball fans STAND IN SOLIDARITY WITH THE NBA PLAYERS to STRIKE, STRIKE, STRIKE until they bring the NBA OWNERS to their knees!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Leo Terrell is the real deal never used to stand him but wow a complete turn around not afraid to tell the truth and call these phonies out i really respect his honesty.

  3. Of course it is disingenuous, who outside of the liberal echo chamber believes most of these players are genuine. Most of these guys are “protesting” for twitter likes and instagram clout. Beyond that it doesn’t surprise me one bit a man like Leo Terrell would say these things. I would be my house Mr. Terrell is a Christian. Hence, his disagreement with a Marxist organization.

  4. I’m so HAPPY to have Leo Terrell on “our side” NOW !!! He was so fricking annoying to me how relentless he was when fighting against Trump and the Republicans ! Now i love watching and listening to his unbridled , passionate support for TRUMP and the Republican Party!!! “Yeaaa!!!” “Go LEO!!!!!!!”

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