Citing ‘Freedom Of Choice’ Mavs Guard Trey Burke Won’t Be Getting Vaccinated

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Dallas guard Trey Burke has always been a scorer, but this season, he’s decided to pass instead. Burke, 28, is  the latest member of the NBA fraternity to pass on receiving a COVID-19 vaccination.

“I feel like everybody has, you know, their own personal choice, and for me, I’m just getting the proper knowledge and continuing to do more and more research to make a reasonable decision,” said Burke after a recent Mavs practice.

Burke is part of a growing group of NBA players, including Bradley Beal, Andrew Wiggins, and Kyrie Irving, who have recently spoken out against the vaccine and any coinciding mandates.

Thursday evening, Burke reiterated his stance to Mike Doocy from Dallas’ Fox 4: “I respect the ‘freedom of choice’ in which everybody has that birthright. Therefore this is a personal choice and preference that my family and I have always abided by. I believe more in holistic and naturalistic ‘medicine’ rather than the ‘drug’ industry or what we know today as ‘pharmaceuticals.’”

He continued: “I plan on closely following protocol and the guidelines that the NBA has set in place for all non-vaccinated players. But as for the shot, I am standing on my own freedom of choice and respectively declining.”

Burke’s vaccine stance should make for an interesting at-work dynamic with Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, a staunch supporter of the vaccine. Cuban spent his Thursday evening exchanging pleasantries with OutKick founder Clay Travis, about their differing vaccine opinions.

More eyeballs will be on the league when the NBA regular season tips off later this month. Meaning, Burke’s stance and the banter surrounding Cuban and Travis is just getting started.




Written by Anthony Farris


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