Circle K Fires Old Lady For Touching Cig Thief & Now She’s Fighting Back With A Lawsuit To Clear Her Good Name

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Mary Ann Moreno says it’s time to clear her name and she hopes to do just that by filing a lawsuit against Circle K, her employer for 18 years, over her 2020 firing for touching an armed robber who went right for the cigs.

Then 72 years old, Moreno claims she was wrongfully fired over her very brief confrontation of the criminal who pleaded guilty to the cig heist. Circle K wasn’t having it. The company kicked the lady who’d put it all on the line for the K right to the curb under its “Don’t Chase or Confront” policy that deals with shoplifters and robbers, according to KDVR, which caught up to the now-75-year-old Moreno.

Circle K told KDVR “its employee handbook says its shoplifter/robber policy “is for your protection and for the safety of everyone.”

Moreno begs to disagree and now she says it’s time for Circle K lawyers to show up in court.

The moment Circle K says broke company policy and led to Mary Ann’s firing after 18 years of service.

“I don’t feel that I violated the policy,” she said. “When they’re coming around, it’s natural that you’re going to have to you know, either defend yourself or you’re going to react.”

In a wild twist that Circle K couldn’t have seen coming, Moreno says she’s really upset over the company firing her after a long career in the trenches dealing with some real scumbags and going above and beyond the call of duty to the gas station industry.

“When they needed help, if somebody called in (sick), I was the first person they called. I did things that they didn’t even ask me to do. I washed windows, I shoveled snow, I cleaned their pumps. Mopped floors, cleaned bathrooms, took merchandise off the shelving, dusted, cleaned cans, checked for expiration. I did it all,” Mary Ann remembered.

Man, you know that firing has burned inside Mary Ann for years.

You know she’s held a grudge and now corporate will have to hear from Mary Ann in a court of law where the store lawyers will have to tell a judge how she needed to be removed from payroll. This should be interesting.

Stop right there, scumbag!

“He said, ‘The other girls [employees] give them to me,’ but I told him, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t do that.'” Moreno told Fox News of the confrontation. “He started to dart out through the north door, and I kind of relaxed, and I stood behind the register. All of a sudden, he turned, and I thought he was going to go out the south door, and, all of a sudden, he was on me, and I kind of freaked out and pushed him.”

You’re going to fire an old lady who tells armed robbers “sorry” as they’re about to go on a cig shopping spree? What’s wrong with you, Circle K?

There’s an easy way to settle this: Tell Mary Ann you’re “sorry” and that you’ll name the hot dog grill spinner in her honor. This lady clearly isn’t asking for much.

Let’s all be adults here.

Clear Mary Ann’s name!

Written by Joe Kinsey

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