Cinemark Set To Show College Football Playoff In Select Theaters

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If you like the idea of watching the College Football Playoff somewhere the floors are sticky, then listen up.

ESPN has partnered with select Cinemark theaters to show The Fiesta Bowl, Peach Bowl, and National Championship. Theaters near the campuses of Michigan, TCU, and Ohio State will show the games. However, for whatever reason, Bulldogs fans have been left out.

Maybe there’s not a closer Cinemark theater, but the closest one is quite a ways away from Athens.

This is the second year that ESPN has teamed up with the theater chain to give fans the chance to catch their team on the big screen, with $9 sodas and popcorn just a stone’s throw away.

“Cinemark is thrilled to once again offer college football fans an opportunity to watch this year’s most anticipated games in our immersive, shared environment, especially given the enthusiasm we saw in our theaters last year,” Cinemark Chief Marketing and Content Officer Wanda Gierhart Fearing said.

“We are thankful for the collaboration with ESPN and our ability to bring this year’s games to even more cities as we expand participating locations. Our larger-than-life screens and booming surround sound create the ultimate experience for fans to cheer on their team without missing a single heart-pounding play.”

Man, Wanda knows how to sell it.

Cinemark Theaters will show College Football Playoff but is that even a good place to watch a game? (Photo By RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Is A Movie Theater A Good Place To Watch A Game?

I’m torn on this. I can’t decide if a movie theater is the best place to watch a game or the worst. I feel like there are certainly cases to be made for both.

Sports Bars give a good perspective from most seats thanks to the typical array of televisions strewn about. Movie theaters have some prime real estate, meaning if you show up late and get stuck in the front row, you could wind up being pissed your team lost and have a bad neck.

That’s a bad combo.

It’s always tough to argue against watching from your own home. That’s your home-field advantage.

You know how the remote works and are in full control of it, you know the best viewing angles, and you probably have an ass-groove worn in the couch.

It’s your football-watching kingdom, and popcorn is way cheaper.

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