Cincinnati Runs Fake Punt Up Big In 4th, Three Guys-One Trump Pinata & Hannah Leiner’s Masters Gear

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When being a parent shifts into another gear — the elementary school Why My Child is Special  letter

This week my wife and I were tasked by our son’s elementary school with writing a letter to his class explaining why our 8-year-old is special to us and he wasn’t allowed to read it until his teacher read it in front of the class. It’s like the school is trying to cause divorces. Luckily, I sorta do this writing thing for a living while my wife is a graphic artist. Some of her handiwork is seen on OutKick from time to time. She doesn’t argue with my writing (too much) and I know to leave her alone when I need gradient work done on a Paulina Gretzky and Jena Sims lead image.

Here’s how it went: there was very minor editing from my wife and my son walked up to us last night and asked if he could get a copy of the letter for his files because his teacher told him he would want to revisit it during his teen years when he’s going through a rough patch. That’s an on-top-of-the-world feeling. That’s way better than you guys telling me I crushed another edition of Morning Screencaps. That’s better than Clay telling me great work on a random blog. The ultimate is having your son ask to keep something you wrote. I’m telling you guys right now, that’s going to have me on cloud nine all weekend as I rake leaves, take the dog for a run in the woods, smash some old cabinets that are taking up space in the garage, and man the grill.

Of course, the three-year-old will probably snap me out of this heater I’m on right now by letting the dog eat a Super Mario toy or something like that, but I’m going to enjoy my moment until the dog starts hacking.

• I didn’t think I was seeing things. Trump has gone with a new gray hair look. As a guy who could use some hair, I’m jealous. Looks good.

• College GameDay is live from the Masters this morning. The set will be on the Par 3 course. Don’t worry, DeChambeau won’t hook one off Herbie’s dome. Everything will be fine.

• Remember when home-field advantage was a thing in the NFL? Not this year. Home teams are 65-67-1 through the first nine weeks. “The last time visitors had a winning record this late in the season was 1983, when home teams rallied and finished with 15 more victories,” the AP reported this week.

• Vandy is now up to +51.5 today against Kentucky on FanDuel. Jump on that line!

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  1. I really want to try to get why espn is hosting game day at the Masters. Was this supposed to be a good idea? Anyone? Will they next host the NBA finals pregame at Dodger Stadium or NHL pregame shows at the Final 4? Um why? In this upside down world I now need help navigating this new chaotic thinking.

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