Cincinnati Bengals Mock NFL’s Coin-Flip Resolution For Wild Card With Savage TD Celebration

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A coin flip may decide who hosts a Wild Card game between Cincinnati and Baltimore, and the Bengals are not happy about it. Running back Joe Mixon mocked the NFL for its resolution after finding pay dirt on Sunday.

Following Damar Hamlin‘s harrowing collapse during Monday Night Football, the decision was made to cancel the game. It will not be made up.

As a result, the NFL Playoffs are in limbo.

Baltimore and Cincinnati played each other Sunday to conclude the regular season. If the latter was to win, a coin flip would determine which side would host next weekend’s Wild Card game between the same two teams.

That decision was made instead of established rules, which normally use winning percentages in the case of a canceled game. If the Ravens were to win in Week 18, they would finish 11-6, while the Bengals would finish 11-5.

The old rules, which would determine a host based on winning percentage, would give Cincinnati the upper hand. That is not the case this season and head coach Zach Taylor is not happy.

As far as I’m concerned, we just want the rules to be followed. When a game is canceled, you just turn to winning percentage to clarify everything so we don’t have to make up rules. There’s several instances this season when a club is fined or people in our building are fined and we’re being told, ‘Follow the rules. It’s black and white. It’s in the rulebook.’ So now when we point out the rules and you’re told, we’re going to change that, I don’t want to hear about fair and equitable when that’s the case.

— Zach Taylor on the NFL’s coin flip resolution

To avoid the coin flip, the Bengals simply need to win.

Well, they jumped out to an early 9-0 lead after Joe Mixon found the end zone late in the first quarter.

To celebrate the score, Mixon pretended to pull a coin out of his glove and mocked the NFL’s Wild Card decision. His team was all-in on the celebration and joined their running back for the fake coin toss.

Mixon’s early score helped his team try and avoid the resolution with which they disagree. He did his part!

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