University Of Cincinnati Fires Two Baseball Staffers Amid Investigation That May Involve Gambling

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The University of Cincinnati has relieved two members of its baseball staff following an investigation. It may have to do with gambling, according to FOX19.

Assistant baseball coach Kyle Sprague and director of baseball operations Andy Nagel were both fired on May 17. Sprague joined the program in 2017. Nagel had been with the team since 2015.

Andy Nagel and Kyle Sprague (via University of Cincinnati Athletics)

It’s possible that head coach Scott Googins could be next. A decision on his future has not yet been made by the school. The investigation is ongoing.

A spokesperson with the university issued the following statement:

On May 8, University of Cincinnati Athletics began an internal review of potential NCAA infractions involving the baseball program. Although the review is ongoing, Sprague and Nagel have been dismissed based on initial findings. UC is cooperating with the NCAA in this matter. Since this is an ongoing investigation, we will not be commenting further at this time.

— University of Cincinnati, via FOX19

As for what led to Nagel and Sprague’s ousting, that is unclear at this time.

There is more to come out of Cincinnati.

FOX19 said that multiple sources indicated to the outlet that the investigation may involve gambling. The school has not and will not confirm or deny.

However, according to FOX19, a source within the Cincinnati athletic department “denied implications” that Nagel, Sprague or any staff member gambled on college baseball. Another source said that Nagel specifically did not gamble on college baseball.

Such clarifications are of note in this instance. There was no indication as to whether Nagel, Sprague or others had gambled on other sports — only that it did not relate specifically to college baseball.

Should that be true, it would rule out a situation like what happened at Alabama with since-fired head coach Brad Bohannon. Neither Nagel nor Sprauge would have been betting directly on their own team (or sport) like Bohannon.

Iowa and Iowa State are also involved in sports betting scandals of their own. It is unclear as to whether those investigations are similar to what is taking going on at Cincinnati— but the two Iowa program investigations involve student-athletes.

Bearcats athletes are not implicated in the ongoing investigation as of right now. Only Nagel and Sprague have been fired.

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