Senator Chuck Schumer Offers Amendment Forcing Release Of UFO Information

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Senator Chuck Schumer is trying to force the government to release information related to UFOs.

There has never been more interest in UFOs than there is right now. Whistleblower David Grusch sent things through the roof when he claimed the government had concealed secret UFO programs that included the possession of crashed crafts and possibly the bodies of dead pilots.

Now, the Senator from New York has offered an amendment to the NDAA that would essentially mandate government agencies hand over whatever UFO information they might have.

“The legislation introduced as an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that will be on the Senate floor next week, would direct the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to create a collection of records to be known as the UAP Records Collection and direct every government office to identify which records would fall into the collection. The UAP Records Collection would carry the presumption of immediate disclosure, which means that a review board would have to provide a reasoning for the documents to stay classified,” the announcement said.

“There is a lot we still don’t know about these UAPs and that is a big problem. We’ve taken some important steps over the last few years to increase transparency and reduce stigmas, but more needs to be done. This is yet another step in that direction, and one that I hope will spur further cooperation from the executive branch,” Senator Marco Rubio said in release announcing the amendment.

What will the amendment cover when it comes to UFOs?

If the amendment passes as part of the NDAA, there will be plenty of information and topics that fall under the umbrella of what must be handed over.

It would include objects of instantaneous acceleration absent apparent inertia, hypersonic velocity absent a thermal signature and sonic shockwave, transmedium travel, flying discs, unidentified submerged objects and much more.

You can read the exact text of the amendment below.

Chuck Schumer offers NDAA amendment to force the release of UFO information. (Credit: United States Senate/

Chuck Schumer offers NDAA amendment to force the release of UFO information. (Credit: United States Senate/

People need to know what’s going on.

The UFO situation is out of control. There’s far too many videos and other intriguing pieces of information to completely ignore what’s happening.

That’s not to say there’s little green men flying around, but clearly something is happening. The information is also not coming from internet loons.

The United States military has captured UFO footage and government leaders have also made it clear there are questions that can’t be answered.

Congressman Tim Burchett claimed UFO tech can also turn humans into “charcoal briquettes.” Good luck sleeping knowing that if a war is going to happen it won’t last long for the good guys – humans.

Illustration of two UFOs flying in fog with light below.

Now, Senator Chuck Schumer is attempting to force government agencies to hand over any information related to UFOs, USOs, UAPs, flying saucers and disks and objects that defy physics. Will the amendment pass? Let’s hope it does because we all want to know the truth.

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