Chuck Schumer Says Senators Must Decide if Trump Started an ‘Erection’

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Democrats have blamed Donald Trump for just about everything that has gone wrong since the start of 2017, and there’s a strong chance Trump will receive blame for President Joe Bidens’ upcoming mistakes too. The latest blame sent Trump’s way is for an “erection.”

“Make no mistake, Senators will have to decide if Donald John Trump incited the erection,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says.

Laugh now, but with the way that Articles of Impeachment are now written, inciting an erection could next be deemed a high crime and misdemeanor. I mean, if the Senate doesn’t convict Trump, and he somehow runs and wins again in 2024, that could absolutely be an impeachable offense.

The news industry is worried that Washington will fail to produce headlines in a post-Trump era. However, if they need blunders to draw viewers, Biden, Schumer, Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi won’t disappoint. (Unless you are Trevor Noah. Then you’d never joke about them, no matter what they did.)

Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi wonder if Russian president Vladimir Putin is behind the U.S. Capitol riot, while Schumer is concerned about, well, you saw.

What do you guys think? Is Trump guilty?

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

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  1. You know I don’t take much stock in Q thoeries but I’m starting to wonder if this whole we are watching a movie thing is legit.

    Second…this would be a layup SNL skit…but since it’s Schumer they will just have to overlook it.

  2. No. A grand jury wouldn’t even indict this ham sandwich.

    BTW. I just got a retroactive failure on my freshman year biology final that I took a couple of decades ago. Recently (a few days ago), someone accused me of cheating. They are in the process of revoking my high-school diploma.

    I think this was initiated because I didn’t “like” the Biden inauguration Facebook page. Basically, it is entirely my fault and I will accept the punishment and resign from work as well.

  3. Also, I’ll skip the Freudian diagnosis of Dr. Jill Schumer’s slip.

    Let’s (not) watch all the late-night hosts make fun of this. They tease democrats for being so relatably human and republicans for being mean-spirited monsters.

  4. It is like Clay Travis said – “watching the tape of Trumps talk and reading transcripts – there is nothing there.” They hate Trump because he fought back. They also have disdain for his voters. The left apparently doesn’t like Outkick either because for almost 2 months my daily email from Outkick always shows up in the junk mail on my laptop.

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