Chuck Liddell Looks Back On Legendary ‘Entourage’ Cameo

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Chuck Liddell’s greatest moment in the entertainment industry was appearing on “Entourage.”

The legendary HBO series wrapped up in 2011 and a movie was released in 2015. For years, there’s been whispers about it returning, and creator Doug Ellin has definitely never ruled it out.

One of the legendary moments in series’ history was when Chuck Liddell appeared as himself in season three as part of a prank on Johnny Drama.

The entire premise of the episode was Drama thought he knew Liddell was in on a prank show, only to be told he wasn’t and then had to fear he was going to get obliterated.

Eventually, it was revealed Liddell had been in on it the whole time. Of all the celebrity cameos on “Entourage,” Liddell’s storyline was among the best.

Instead of being in it for a few seconds, he had an entire storyline that played out over an episode.

The Chuck Liddell “Entourage” episode is the stuff of legends.

The legendary fighter addressed appearing on the show on the “Jaxxon Podcast,” and he views it as his greatest cameo ever.

“‘Entourage’ would probably be my favorite cameo. Actually, it was my favorite show at the time. I was just asking around, ‘Hey man, I just want to get on and do a cameo.’ You know, like, come on, say high to Vince or something,” Liddell explained. Ultimately, the episode was written around him, but that might not have been the best part.

The retired UFC fighter revealed on his final day of shooting, they served the best prime rib of his life. Yes, the steak might have been the highlight for him.

There you have it, folks. It was truly the prime rib steak that made it such an awesome experience for Liddell. It’s such an authentic story it’s impossible to not like it.

As for “Entourage,” I think I speak for fans everywhere when I say it’s time for HBO to bring the show back.

Doug Ellin spoke with OutKick’s Anthony Farris about that exact subject. People are ready for it. Bring back “Entourage” immediately.

Will “Entourage” ever return? (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

It would get massive ratings, and it would crush in an era where people are craving great content. Give the people what they want, HBO, and maybe even bring Liddell back for another cameo.

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