Chris Christie And Mike Pence Have No Chance Vs. Trump And Desantis: Tomi Lahren

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Well folks, both former Vice President Mike Pence AND former New Jersey governor Chris Christie will run for president in 2024. 

So you know what that means?…

Relatively nothing EXCEPT, somewhere in what I assume is a very boring room watching beige paint dry, Nikki Haley is celebrating as she is now not the most embarrassing and delusional candidate in the running.

But speaking of running, here is Chris Christie revving up the..uh..”crowd” in New Hampshire. 

But I have to tell you, as I’ve watched the last year evolve, there’s been just one question that kept going back and back and back into my mind. And it was about our country and its future, and I wondered what our choice was going to be. We’re going to be small or are we going to be big? 

Chris Christie at New Hampshire event

Too easy. Too easy. 

I don’t know who wrote that for him but they did him dirty but also, it was the high point of his announcement speech because he went on to say..pretty much nothing else. 

Oh, except he supports funding Ukraine in perpetuity.. but other than that.. just a lot of huffing and puffing and trying to make 2012 cool again, trying to make “fetch” happen, if you will. 

But you know who has confidence in ole Christie? The ladies of “The View.”

Listen to this.

Chris Christie in 2016. He finished sixth in the New Hampshire primary. Yeah, but you know what? I think he can take on Trump easier than the others because he’s from New Jersey. 

Joy Behar on “The View”

Yep, you got it, Joy. This woman, I tell ya what. She lives in her own world. First she declares that she- a white woman- knows the plight of black men in America better than actual American black man Tim Scott and now she thinks Chris Christie can take on Trump. 

Joy, as a Republican I can tell you this, Christie is not a threat to Trump and neither is Mike Pence who has thrown his hat in the ring, as well, and again, I have to wonder what these people are drinking or smoking to make them think, to make them truly believe, they have a shot at the nomination or much less, the White House. 

Perhaps the only person with LESS of a chance at the nomination or presidency than Nikki Haley or Chris Christie, is Mike Pence.

Most conservatives don’t like him, most Trump supporters hate his guts and his staunch socially conservative stances are nothing but fodder for mockery for those on the Left.

He literally has no base of support. None. I mean, maybe Liz Cheney, but that’s it. 

Both Pence and Christie will run their “races” if you can even call them that, on anti-Trump bravado and long-abandoned establishment Republican talking points that expired in 2012. The anti-Trump stuff will get him maybe an inch with Democrats and people who hate Trump, and that’s about it. 

The only serious alternative to Trump is Ron DeSantis. We all know it. 

Now these people have every right to run, don’t get me wrong. It’s a free country, at least for now. But all these Republicans jumping into the race are kidding themselves. It’s a Don versus Ron race and the rest of them are delusional at best. 

I think Haley and Scott want to be VP picks. Vivek wants some social clout and name ID and Pence and Christie, I think they just want Trump to notice them. It’s kind of weird, really. 

This primary race is gonna be a circus, but it won’t be boring..except for Nikki Haley of course, she is always boring. 

Those are my Final Thoughts. 

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Written by Tomi Lahren

Tomi Lahren

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