Christian Braun’s Mom is Fully Aware She Stole the Show on Draft Night

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Moms and girlfriends stealing the show on draft night is a tradition like no other. It’s oftentimes the only highlight from what is supposed to be a big moment for the athletes being selected.

This year’s NBA Draft was no different.

Pelicans first-round pick Dyson Daniels’ mom Brikitta Kool-Daniels was the first to take the spotlight away from her son on draft night. But she wasn’t the only one.


The Denver Nuggets selected Kansas guard Christian Braun with the 21st overall pick of the NBA Draft on Thursday night.

After his name was called his mother Lisa was one of the first people to congratulate him.

Lisa’s figure-hugging red dress caught the eye of social media

Lisa’s figure-hugging red dress caught the eye of social media and she officially stole the show from her first-round draft pick son.

Most ride the viral internet wave and pick up a few social media followers along the way. Not many acknowledge that they stole the show from their son. Lisa isn’t like the rest.

She’s fully aware of the fact that she stole the show on draft night.

Lisa responded to a tweet that said, “Okay aunt Lisa” and featured a picture of her in the red dress. Her response leads me to believe that she knew ahead of time what she was doing.

I always wanted to believe these moments were organic.

But after this admission, I can’t help but believe that there might be some smoke show moms out there trying to get some attention from their son’s big moment.

Look, I’m not judging. In fact, more moms and girlfriends going into draft night trying to steal the spotlight is only a good thing for social media.

At this point, it’s the only reason to watch the NBA Draft.

Written by Sean Joseph

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