Chris Wallace, American Media Fiddle During Debate As BLM, Antifa Burn Our Country

Last night’s presidential debate exposed the American media as Nero, the Roman emperor who according to legend played the fiddle as fires reduced 70 percent of his country to rubble.

The mainstream media desperately try to frame President Trump (or any sitting president the media deems unworthy of office) as Nero, when in reality the Fourth Estate rules the priorities of the American public. The media are the Supreme Court of public opinion. Our power is protected by the First Amendment, and our importance to a well-run constitutional republic was articulated by Founding Father Thomas Jefferson. 

“Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government,” Jefferson said, “I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.”

The death of newspapers is killing America. Our country is rudderless without a healthy and deliberate newspaper industry serving as our watchdog. Reflective and nuanced journalism, the hallmark of traditional newspapers, has been replaced by instantaneous analysis and clickbait, the tent poles of social media.

FOX News host Chris Wallace is the focus of an avalanche of criticism today after his pot-stirring, one-sided performance as debate moderator. Wallace was bad, but I don’t blame him. He dutifully adhered to the dictates of the new Fourth Estate, Twitter. 

Anyone unwilling to comply with Twitter standards isn’t a candidate to play the role of presidential debate moderator. 

Our country is burning. The global corporations holding the mainstream media’s purse strings have instructed their beneficiaries to distract the public while America burns to the ground. 

Wallace played the role of Nero at the behest of corporate advertisers. The instructions given to Wallace and debate organizers were simple: 1) Create a choppy format that doesn’t allow either candidate to say anything of substance. 2) Escalate President Trump’s natural desire to be hyper combative. 3) Ask a series of pointless, race-related questions so that it appears you addressed the most important issue facing this country. 

The 94-minute debate included seven questions tied to America’s racial dilemma, the problem that has our cities on fire and our country at the brink of civil war. 

The second-biggest topic was the COVID-19 scamdemic, oops, pandemic. Wallace asked four questions related to COVID-19. 

Tuesday’s debate centered on race. Wallace did all he could to make sure the discussion of it avoided the heart of the problem — the violent fascist behavior of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. 

Twitter and the media want you to believe Trump’s call for the Proud Boys to  “stand back and stand by” was a critical moment revealing the president’s allegiance to white supremacy. Trump made the comment in response to Wallace and Joe Biden repeatedly asking him to denounce white supremacists and militias.

Trump initially said “Sure. I will do that.” 

Why wouldn’t he? He’s done it previously. It’s the equivalent of saying “I disavow cancer.” He then asked for a specific name of a group that Wallace wanted him to condemn. Wallace didn’t give him one. 

Here’s the deal. This summer American citizens have watched Minneapolis, Kenosha, Louisville, Atlanta, Rochester, Chicago, New York, Portland, Seattle and a few other cities that I can’t remember at the moment be vandalized, looted and burned by people claiming an affiliation to Antifa and Black Lives Matter. We’ve seen policemen shot, killed, attacked and harassed by people claiming an affiliation to Antifa and BLM. We’ve seen ordinary citizens violently confronted and harassed by people claiming an affiliation to Antifa and BLM. 

People claiming an association to Antifa and BLM have created the appearance that Antifa and BLM are domestic terrorist organizations akin to the KKK. 

The Proud Boys? I spent a couple of hours last night researching them. I’ve heard of them, but I know very little about their activities. They were in some way connected to the events in Charlottesville three years ago. What happened in Charlottesville was bad. Does it in any way compare to the pervasive, daily violence and criminality we see in the name of Antifa and BLM?

Hell no. 

I’m not here to defend the Proud Boys, a multi-racial group. But let’s quit pretending they’re as big a problem as Antifa and BLM. 

The entire debate last night should’ve been about Antifa and BLM and how we shut down the violence and mayhem associated with those two groups.

If you go to, it redirects you to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign website. I’m not lying. There are numerous reports that financial donations to BLM go directly to the Democratic Party. 

The KKK was started in 1865 as a direct result of the Emancipation Proclamation that freed black slaves. The KKK served as the violent enforcers of the Democratic Party, the political party that supported slavery. 

History is repeating itself. When you don’t learn from it, it repeats. 

Last night Joe Biden said that he is the Democratic Party. Why didn’t Chris Wallace ask Biden to disavow Antifa and BLM, the violent enforcers of the Democratic Party? Biden called Antifa an idea, not an organization. Ideas are breaking windows and burning buildings in Portland? How much more violence and racism do we have to see from Antifa and BLM before the American media acknowledge their wickedness?

Silence is violence. Silence is betrayal. 

BLM and Antifa have destroyed lives and livelihoods all across this country. They’ve created a climate of fear and racial animosity. They’re trying to reduce America to rubble while falsely claiming they want to promote racial harmony. 

The American media are as complicit in this country’s fall as Nero was to Rome’s.

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Hey Jason,
    EXCELLENT points all.
    As much as i would have preferred a traditional debate, I can only imagine how much Pres. trump wanted to look into the camera and say, “am I the only one who thinks we’re all caught up in a bad dream?” The Dimcraps ACCUSE everyone else of doing what THEY ARE DOING. And their allies in the media go along. Gaslighting America, Inc. should be their corporate name.

    • Jason…you never disappoint. Well thought. Well written. Great read. Very few speak the truth as you do. Dan Bongino, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham and a few others are with you in a small circle of those not cowering to the SJW crap. Thank you.

  2. Female College Over Educated Milenials don’t approve of such a display of masculinity by Trump last night.

    I knew Wallace was going to patronize Trump, but even I was stunned when he said to Trump, that his executive order on lowering prescription drugs and pre existing conditions were ‘mostly symbolic’. Is that like ‘mostly peaceful’ riots?

    I think I’m getting close to deciphering the dem party language lingo. It’s a bit like Scientology.

    Wallace fact checked himself over and over again. Chris Wallace won the debate. His last debate Ever!!

    Nice work Jason. Now please go register to vote. Vote for anyone, but register and let everyone know how that experience goes.

  3. Great article telling it like it is. Another similarity to Rome’s Nero is the persecution of Christian and homosexuality being the law of the land.Apostles Paul wrote 13 books of the Bible during this time. Read you bible. This is what this is all about the1% LGBQT rule of USA

  4. I posted on Bobby’s feed immediately following what a hack Chris Wallace was, and last night will be the most “fair” of the 3 debates. Like I said last night, Trump in a landslide on ELECTION DAY. Declare victory, and get back to work November 4th. The media will spend months trying to reverse the election, the Supreme Court will ultimately decide, and we can do it all over again in 4 years. Let the Dims whine and cry while the rest of us prosper. Great column as always Whitlock.

    • Twitter and Facebook have specifically targeted Trump in saying they will suspend HIS account if he declares victory on election night. They literally said nothing about Biden doing the same if he wins the EC on election night. I hope he says screw it, and lets big tech actually shut down the President of the US’s account. Then when the mail-in votes don’t result in a Biden victory they will be forced to re-instate it, and they can’t behind a faux ‘accident’ like they always do when they shut down and blacklist conservative personalities on their platforms.

  5. What is most brilliant about Jason’s contributions over the past month or so is that he is not just preaching about how much we need more long form journalism, he is actually leading by example. It has been years since I’ve anticipated a columnist’s articles as much as I have Whitlock’s work. Keep it up!

  6. Excellent unmasking of the Fourth Estate, Mr. Whitlock.

    It’s easy for people to see if they’re willing to look. But alas, because it’s so atrocious and diametrically opposite of common sense, vast numbers of Americans refuse to believe what their eyes see.


    Trump’s own FBI director says Antifa is an not an organization. The FBI is federal law enforemcent.. do you not believe or support them.

    The violence needs to stop. Biden commended it.

    White supremacists/radical right wing groups are responsible for more domestic terrorist deaths in this country than any group, including Muslim-extremist, since 2002.

    The facts do not care about your feelings or narrative.

    • Not necessarily disagreeing with your points, but when administrations like Obama’s refuse to categorize Antifa as a domestic terror group, let alone acknowledge their existence despite them appearing at G8 riots years ago, your “What terror group killed the most people” is kind of hollow. Not defending white power groups, but fail to understand why we treat a group like Antifa, or BLM for that matter, any differently. Both want to overthrow government rule with violence and replace it with segregated, race-based rule

      • Again.. Left wing extremism should be denounced… Like Jason said, disavowing extreme violence is like saying “you do not like cancer”. It is easy to do. And everyone does it

        Where is the evidence that there is a central organized force, namely Antifa, and show my the amount of deaths they have caused. You cannot tie in every violent protest and looting incident and say it is all centralized with BLM and Antifa as a central organization.

        Please provide facts or evidence of this.

        The FBI, the nations top law enforcement agency, has said it is not an organized group. Do you not believe law enforcement?

        • Stuart, you sound like you either strongly support or belong to Antifa. Please clarify your statements. Unless you have had your head in the sand for the past 5 years, ANTIFA is clearly a centralized organization. I understand the theme of liberal criminal activity is “I don’t know.” See James Comey. Ignorance is bliss.

          • Wow that is utterly laughable. The fact that I argue against a generalized thesis makes me a strong supporter or belong to Antifa?


            I do not like extremists, including Antifa.. I DO NOT LIKE ANTIFA or any extremist unlawful behavior.

            I am asking for facts my man. This is lunacy.

          • Sam…we can’t be having uncomfortable conversations now…I mean, you and I see it on TV every night. What, 100 nights straight now in Portland?
            You see the leaders with the tape on the back of their helmets and the backpacks with all kinds of goodies. They get labeled “mostly peaceful protestors” every night by the media as building burn behind the media reporters.

          • Sam…we recall how the leftist/marxists/socialists in The Swamp, DC accuse the president and Republicans of doing exactly what THEY’RE DOING?

            Stuart says he’s arguing “against a generalized thesis”.
            Here’s the generalized thesis: Portland, OR…every night for 100+ nights…see the organized centralized force, namely Antifa. They’ve been identified on airplanes heading to DC for the July Fourth Celebration at which they almost killed Sen. Rand Paul…and they’ve been identified in multiple states…many of their lieutenants have been photoed and videoed in several states by the Feds.

    • The Associated Press as a source…laughable on its face.

      Stuart…seriously…the top levels of the FBI and the DOJ were virulently anti-Trump before AND after the election. As Jason likes to say, “you gotta step up your game”.

      Biden condemned violence? Really…I saw him wave his hand and proclaim “Antifa is just an idea”.
      C”mon man…that’s malarky.

      Domestic terrorist deaths? How about some actual details…because as we all know, the devil is in the details.

      Your facts are seriously lacking in…facts.

      • Trump appointed him… Again how can you be pro law enforcement and anti FBI…… Are they too “elite” to be considered law enforcement? Do they not risk their lives to protect us. See info on domestic terror under Jason’s reply.

        Left wing terrorism is bad too. They should be prosecuted and and denounced. This idea that there is some kind of well organized group is what i disagree with. Where are the facts to support there is a central organized body of “antifa” that is responsible for more deaths than right wing groups? Please provide your facts.

        • I thought FACTS mattered to you? Chris Wray wasn’t there when the coup was taking shape and being activated. Recall an Obama guy named Comey? Obama’s CIA’s Brennan? Obama’s DNI Clapper? All the Obama underlings? C’mon man.

        • Stuart, I agree with Rick and Jason, you need to step up your game.

          From Jason’s column: Here’s the deal. This summer American citizens have watched Minneapolis, Kenosha, Louisville, Atlanta, Rochester, Chicago, New York, Portland, Seattle and a few other cities that I can’t remember at the moment be vandalized, looted and burned by people claiming an affiliation to Antifa and Black Lives Matter. We’ve seen policemen shot, killed, attacked and harassed by people claiming an affiliation to Antifa and BLM. We’ve seen ordinary citizens violently confronted and harassed by people claiming an affiliation to Antifa and BLM.

          Stuart, can you name one city in the past twenty years which has been destroyed by white supremacists?…………White supremacists are evil, they are sickening, they are disgusting. Nobody is denying this. We are only saying that in our current world, BLM and antifa are far, far more dangerous and destructive.

          • Antifa is dangerous. I do not think they represent anything but a fringe movement of chaos seekers.

            The vast majority of people, who say “I support black lives” or “black lives matter” do not also believe, Hey, I like Antifa, and i want to destroy American cities and support looting and vandalism

            Extremists on any side are evil, and disgusting.

            Acting like this is some huge group of people is what I question.

            Now people on this site are literally saying I am a member?

          • White supremacists? Can you actually find a group of them? Look at the morons out on the streets with Antifa and BLM, they shoot pretty big holes in the whole idea of White Supremacy. Progressives are reverse engineering evolution creating chimps out of people.

      • Trump is the only republican I chose not to vote for in my adult life. I am conservative, small gov’t socially liberal/libertarian. Not the populist, nationalist, conspiracy fueled, anger-ridden, Trump GOP.

        Trump and his nativist, populist, movement is literally killing the conservative movement/GOP in this country.

        Jason is a smart guy, so is Clay. They know how to cater to an audience….

        • Try as you like, Stuart…there’s nothing wrong with being a…
          Populist (OPPOSITE: tyranny, totalitarianism, indifference)
          Nationalist (OPPOSITE: globalist, internationalist)

          These are all terms meaning love of country.
          Every country’s citizens should feel that they love their country. Trump has said that often while speaking overseas…telling those at the conference/ceremony that they should also put THEIR country first.

          You so cleverly throw in “nativist”. The connotation is a negative one, of course, or you wouldn’t have used it. You can say whatever you want about who you claim to be, but your words and emotions betray what you really are. But keep believing you’re a conservative, small government guy.

          • Trump would never look at or invite the rural working class who love him into his County club or circle.

            The fact that he is a hero to rural America is beyond the “never trump” crowd.

            I say this and the trumpbillys want me cancelled.

            The first A is alive and well in the outkick message board…

          • Hey Stuart…I see (below) you’re gonna try the old “petitio principii” argument down below (Trump would never look at the rural working class)…lol…that dog won’t hunt, bud.

          • Stuart, you’re all over the place. You now acknowledge Antifa is a dangerous terrorist organization. It clearly says so in your post. Yet similar posts show you don’t believe, and you’re asking for evidence. Which is it?

            And we find that your a RINO in later posts. Stay consistent pal.

        • You are quite obviously not a conservative, so don’t try to sell it here. You are masquerading as one. Liberal for sure, maybe libertarian, but not conservative. So don’t pretend that you have any insight into the actual conservative movement or the GOP for that matter, even though the party is certainly not monolithically conservative.

    • Nice that you would cherry-pick data on domestic terrorism since 2002 and leave out 9/11, thus under-counting Islamic terrorism by 3000 killed. Anyway, a rational study on terrorism puts those on right-wing terrorism (not necessarily groups mind you) at about 250 over the past 25 years or roughly 10 a year. To put that in context that’s a good weekend in Chicago. To add, some of this data collection is quite liberal in its classification of “right wing terror”, no pun intended. Nice try though. Right-wing terrorist groups are not currently running amok in US cities.

    • Antifa has melded with BLM, and the destruction they’re causing is very real. You can’t cause that kind of destruction without organization. If you add up everybody who’s died this year due to BLM-Antifa riots, including some of their own members it’s much higher than any fabled right-wing white supremacist boogeymen that the left pretends are a huge problem…to cover for the fact that violence is their M.O. now.

      They attacked an ICE facility last year attempting to kill people, they’ve attempted to burn down police buildings with people inside them, and one of them targeted and assassinated a Trump supporter in cold blood. They’ve killed cops in cold blood and menaced businesses across the country. This right-wing militia nonsense is pure distraction tactics.

    • The fbi and fisa court have been so corrupt.. I wouldn’t trust what the fbi says look at how they corrupted that institution by spying on there political opponents. The fbi spies on Trump and gets caught but tries to hide it and continues to hide the biggest scandal ever and know we are just supposed to believe them. Absolutely not until the are honest about there role in spying on Americans without a warrant.

    • If trump was such a racist why do they have to misquote him on what he said about the Charlottesville fine people bs as there go to he is a racist narrative. Shouldn’t there be ample other evidence?

      With BLM favorability poles crashing–I wonder if Colin Cowherd will have the courage in Colin Right Colin Wrong segment to say he was wrong about BLM? So much for being on “the right side of history” Colin. BLM is about the destruction of America including sports. Why would you support the very thing that could ruin your livelihood?

  8. When biden said Antifa is an idea and not a group, and Wallace didn’t follow up with a question about it, was a low moment for him. Much of the protestors and rioters in Portland and other places the last 100 days do so under the banner of antifa and BLM. But as jason said the debate had little substance.

  9. Wallace’s irrelevant question feeds and flows from the “Trump is racist” narrative. Similar to George Stephanopolous asking Mitt Romney in 2012 if he approved states banning birth control. That fed the “Republican war on woman” idiocy. Great piece Mr. Whitlock. Thank you.

  10. I just read an article about white supremacist related deaths in the U.S. since the end of 2001. Without doing any research I’ll take the article’s claim of 109 to be accurate (which calculates to 5.74 per year). During the first six months of 2020 there have been 440 homicides in Chicago (a 52% increase over the same period last year). Baltimore 134 homicides during first five months. Detroit 129 homicides during first 6 months. That’s three democrat run cities with homicides over 700 (Jan – June). The intimidation, riots, looting, burning, police injuries and police killings are not being done by the hands of right wing extremists. This national nightmare has been caused by Marxist left wing radicals such as Antifa and BLM. Ask all the destroyed businesses if Antifa is an idea (as Biden called them). Bill Barr named them a domestic terrorist group. I’ll take Barr’s word over a proven corrupt FBI.

    • My point was…cities such as Chicago, Baltimore, and Detroit are not concerned with white supremacists. Citizens there are worried about gang violence and drive by shootings. The citizens of Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle are not concerned with white supremacists. They’re worried about their business being burned to the ground by Antifa and BLM. Domestic terrorism can come in many forms without having to be labeled by the FBI. It was absurd for Chris Wallace to even bring it up. He proved to be an embarrassment on many levels.

  11. Stuart, I appreciate the info. It’s not all that compelling. From the ADL site: “Most acts were committed by small number of extremists acting on their own rather than at the behest of organized extremist groups. About half of the 150 incidents were actually committed by lone wolf offenders”

    Assigning a political ideology to killers is the job of think tanks designed to justify their existence by defining the problem they’re fighting. Random people killing people is a byproduct of America’s love of guns. I’m sure there’s a conservative group (that has been branded as racist) that tracks the murder of white people based on the ideology of the killer.

    90 percent of black people identify as politically liberal. If our murders were tracked by political ideology, you could make an assumption about us.

    My point is I don’t trust the people keeping the political-ideology murder scoreboard. Their job is to create talking points and play games with numbers. I’ll pass.

  12. Good points. Wallace took it upon himself to fact check Trump in live time while not doing the same to Biden. If the moderator is arguing with one of the participants, then that participant is now debating two people instead of one. Last night it was Wallace AND Biden versus trump, and that’s not how a debate is supposed to be moderated. Wallace was awful, but he’s an establishment honk so we all knew that would happen.

    At one point Biden referenced a repeatedly disavowed and disproven accusation against Trump that during Charlottesville he said there were “a lot of good people on both sides,” when he specifically said he didn’t include the white supremacists as part of that group if you listen to his statement in context. That lie has been allowed to propagate unchecked, and Wallace sat back and let it continue again last night without a peep. That’s inexcusable if he’s going to take it upon himself to challenge and contradict Trump factually. Wallace let that go without any correction and showed his true colors. He shouldn’t moderate another debate.

  13. Jason, I think you make some good points about the scholarly nature of these articles. My point was to show that as far as domestic terrorist acts, the generic “right wing” variety, lone-wolf or not, still exist and should not be dismissed or downplayed .

    I would argue that simple “ideology” of a killer is not the same as a fringe, radical political belief. I think you would agree. I get your overall point, and the focus of all the BLM “message” is also missing the mark as far as what only focusing on rare deaths. (instead of underlying problems that could save more lives.)

    I just don’t think the extremists acts taking place are centralized or represent anyone other than the fringe or disaffiliated extremists.

    I am still waiting for someone to show me evidence that Antifa, is a centralized and organized body. Do you disagree with the FBI’s own assessment?

    Love your stuff as a fellow Hoosier! Keep being fearless..

    Thanks for engaging.

    • They’ve become basically a boogeyman that people can condemn without having to condemn BLM. Antifa knows their ideology isn’t popular, so they use BLM to hide behind a facade of racial justice to get support on college campuses from stupid, idealistic students. If you consider them as part of BLM you can then technically consider them an organized group. The antifa people destroying communities and assaulting businesses aren’t shouting “DEATH TO LA CAPITALISTA!” They’re shouting “BLACK LIVES MATTER!” They also have a uniform of sorts, all-black i.e. Mussolini’s Blackshirts. They get seemingly instant access to rioting equipment and weapons at the drop of a hat. Pretty organized logistically I’d say. Their melding with BLM benefits the latter due to destroying and intimidating their opponents and non-affiliated innocents like business owners, while public figures spout off about ‘antifa this, antifa that’ which helps keep BLM’s nose clean in the public eye.

    • Stuart I think there is a lot of distrust with the fbi because of how political and corrupt they have been towards Trump. I mean they made up a hoax about colluding with Russia and made up bogus stuff about trump. They then used that information to spy on him. They were trying to destroy him and his family but the media is silent. That is a big deal. Fbi spying on a political opponent using made up information and it’s crickets from media. How can anyone trust them. As a libertarian it’s very upsetting that they would use government to spy us and there opponents.

  14. For the record, as a “boots on the ground” member of a Police Department for over 30 years, I can tell you we detested any assignment that required any of us to work with the FBI! Their level of incompetence on basic Policing matters, particularly having to do with tactics, was astounding. They are “Suits” not Cops and subject to Political “whimsy”. Why were fifteen of their Agents needed to investigate “Noose gate”? Police Officers commonly referred to them as the “Fumbling Bunch of Idiots”! So yes, you can be “pro-Law Enforcement” and not support the FBI!

  15. I am tired of hearing about Charlottesville. Charlottesville was a scripted event designed to create a political spectacle and when a woman was run over by a car and killed it succeeded all expectations. It was produced by the Democrat Party local, state, and the DNC. The Democrats succeeded in luring out a few crackpots out of the woodwork and used them smear people who objected to the destruction and re-writing of history but no one ever mentions who organized and paid for the buses that brought in thousands of marxofascists with the express goal of creating a riot or a violent incident.

    • Wouldn’t the media which hate Trump and his supporters be leading nightly with all the right wing rioters and the bodies they are stacking up? It seems odd that they are suppressing this from the public. Sheeit they rushed to the monitors when Trump dumped all the goldfish food in one fell swoop with some Asian Leader. I see the news coverage and get that BLM and Antifa are busy peacefully bricking and burning to a better life and future.

    • If I’m not mistaken, Richard Spencer organized the rally at Charlottesville that attracted the opposition there. He has since endorsed Joe Biden. The man with a history of racist remarks and policies, Joe Biden, is closer to white supremacy than anybody else in politics today.

    • Charlottesville was planned, orchestrated, and produced by the Civic government, the State government, and the DNC hoping to cause violence and hate. It was a resounding success as they bused in thousands of marxofascist supporters to confront a the few wingnuts and normal people who were sucked into the political theatre.

  16. I don’t think a member of the corporate media should ever be allowed to “moderate” these presidential debates. The conglomerates that own the “news” networks simply do what Mr. Whitlock implies in his article: they cause diversions (“debates”) and encourage the candidates to throw mud at each other. By doing this, and getting Americans to watch, they do not know what is being done behind their backs. Shame on everyone involved in this charade.

    • Unfortunately, Galaxy, the conglomerates who own the media and the networks get to decide how the strings are pulled and who gets to pull them. We’re not included in the decision-making. LOL I agree with all you’re saying…but shame is one thing they don’t have.

        • There’s another tell of the left…If you’re not “urban”, you’re ignorant. I’m a married father of 3 Stu. I live in the country. I make a 6 figure salary, not including commissions and year end bonus. My wife is a stay at home Mom. We’re Christians. I make my money in commercial construction…Wait for it…All over the West Coast…LA, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, etc. I do what needs to be done, and I take my simple ass back to rural America. At least we can eat at restaurants indoors where I live. Go find an identity Stu. This isn’t a good look for you.

  17. That is a great article. I wish you could opine in the NYT and WaPo, and on CCN and MSNBC where this needs to be read and heard. That this was written by a non-Trump voting black man emphasizes the crucial cultural point made here.

  18. Lost all respect for CW when he told Kincaide, he understood the vandalism of the Emancipation Memorial by BLM. Then when Kinncaide, informed CW that the memorial was commissioned by freed slaves slaves, CW said “I did not know that”.

    • And yet nobody bats an eye at it, because they know that Antifa is totally going to vote for Biden [then again, they’re made up mostly of the age group that DOESN’T vote…]

      It’s easier for them to lean on the Biden Cabal and intimidate the establishment Democrats than to try to fight and get rid of Trump. OF COURSE they want Biden in.

  19. This was supposed to be an ambush of Trump facilitated by Chris Wallace. It wasn’t. So now the commission on Presidential Debates has decided to change some rules for the next two debates. So apparently the problem wasn’t bias moderation, it’s that there wasn’t enough of it. The lows that the Dems and thier media allies have sunk to on this has reach absurd levels.

    • It’s proof of who won…Trump. That and the fact there’s dems saying they want the next two debates canceled. Why would they want the rules to be changed because Biden is a clueless, lumbering senile old man, and to cancel the other debates? If they truly thought he won, or that the debates would help him, they wouldn’t be trying either of these two things.

  20. Jason, I believe that there are both good human beings and evil human beings. There may come a point in time, someday, in the future, when there are more people with evil intentions than there are with good intentions. There may come a time when the novel 1984 becomes a reality in all its horrific details, a time when thought crimes lead to hangings as opposed to simply firings from jobs. I am not claiming to be able to look into the future of our evolution as a country…….I am only saying that at this point in history, I still believe we are a largely “good” country. There are certainly more people who believe in truth and integrity than there are people who want to tear down the country. We can win this culture war. Regardless of what happens in November, I truly believe that OutKick can help us win this culture war. As others have stated, you are not only preaching courage and integrity in journalism, you are practicing it. Thank you to Clay, yourself, and the OutKick team for all you do.

  21. I think the best answer that trump or anyone asked about denouncing white supremacist is
    I denounce democrat founded white supremacist KKK and also the new white supremacist group founded and funded by democrats Antifa.
    Next question/statement would be that antifa isn’t a white supremacist group.
    Follow up answer would be of course they are. I’ve seen the mug shots.
    They all seem to be blue haired, face tattooed Lilly white people who like to burn down and loot black/brown/immigrant businesses. If thats not violent white supremacist behavior i don’t know what is.

  22. Trump was 100% correct when he said the media was the enemy of the people.It’s just a shame that 50 years of indoctrination by government education (and as a Political Science major I can definitely attest to this) has resulted in so many of the people either being too brainwashed or stupid to realize it. That’s why those of us who recognize it are reading sites like Outkick and Whatfinger. Great article full of truths as always. And I take no offense to being called a Trumpbilly. Just got my overalls off after a 13 hour workday that netted me over $1200. If hard work and believing I should keep what I work for instead of giving it to the government to waste and reading my Bible and loving my nuclear family and having my guns makes me deplorable then that’s fine with me. We will all stand accountable one day. I am comfortable in my skin.

  23. You are the reason I joined as a VIP – with articles as on point as this, how can anyone NOT financially support true objective journalism.

    I believe you have said that you don’t vote, not sure if you’re registered, but would you possibly reconsider? My vote is going for Trump, mostly because I want to witness another 4 years of the current temper-tantrum. If Trump/Biden don’t appeal to you, would you consider voting 3rd party? I would if I thought the general was decided either way – if a 3rd party receives a certain percentage of the popular vote (I believe 3%) they qualify for federal matching funds and a place on the debate stage. I don’t want the rest of my life to be a choice between an elephant and a jackass.

    I thoroughly enjoy your columns.

  24. as if the deck wasn’t stacked against Trump enough, guess who is moderating the next debate….guy named Steve Scully, who is Steve Scully you ask, he works for C-Span and in 1978, right out of college, he interned at the Senate office of…….Joe Biden

  25. I totally agree with your analysis of the presidential debate on 9/29!! Chris Wallace was so horrible and obviously on the side of Joe Biden. I felt that way when he interviewed President Trump a few weeks ago. Chris Wallace was very antagonistic toward the President on both occasions. He also showed his really true colors! I am surprised that no one on Fox News has even mentioned how awful Chris Wallace is!! Really!! Chris Wallace has no personality except being very arrogant!! I have never thought Chris Wallace was anything to talk about and wondered why he has been so popular!!?? I think Chris Wallace is done!! Fox News has so many talented fair and balanced hosts that Chris Wallace should be gone!’

  26. On point as usual. ANTIFA is a bunch of cowards and mayors/governors that allow this crap to continue are just as complicit. Expressing different ideas is allowed but violence and property destruction are unacceptable no matter what political party or ideology is being supported.

  27. Hey Jason,

    Thanks for the article, spot on again!!! it is hard to believe that tweeter and other social media are steering our country and it’s leaders. Keep doing what you are doing big man…much appreciated!!

  28. The Antifa thugs are nothing but a bunch of losers who probably play video games 12 hours a day in mommy’s basement. Then when so ordered, they show up like rats coming out of the sewer. The fact that they always wear masks proves that they’re also cowards.

  29. Jason you are absolutely right Chris Wallace is just another white liberal the hate Trump so bad he can be fair . Why Biden was never ask to denounce Antifa and BLM just show how bias Wallace is. I watch FOX to here the other side of the issues. You can see FOXs is starting to bow to the twitter Mob by having there Sunday show hosted by Wallace and showing his hate for Trump and conservatives . There’s no difference between NBC CBS ABC FOX they all hate Trump an the worst part is they don’t even try to hide it . That’s why I love Outkick that’s why I’m a VIP because I need the here the other side of story . I don’t always agree with what you say or write but the point is it make me think and us my mind . Wallace Trump hater, but I would bet he votes for Trump he doesn’t wont Harris running the country

  30. Best commentary yet Whitlock since joining Outkick, and believe me brother, that’s high praise given your work from the get go that is Pulitzer worthy exceptional efforts. As I say at every opportunity, you are not just the best sports commentator/editorialist in the country, you are and remain the best commentator on America and American culture in the country. This effort truly captures in my view the essence of today’s issues that nearly all others in the media miss, whether for corporate political reasons or simply just due to ignorance and lack of bravery, for your analysis comes straight out of the philosophies of the members of the IDW (Intellectual Dark Web), which is mostly comprised of progressive liberals but interested in eliminating Marxists and Postmodernists from the left such as BLM and ANTIFA. Just great intellectual effort above the rest as always Jason. Thank you for that and thank you Outkick. Archbold out.

  31. Great stuff as usual Jason. I especially appreciate that you took the time to research something you are writing about (Proud Boys). Wish the twitter fake journos would take a lesson from you. Also, love that you added that they are bi-racial but shhh don’t let the MSM know as it will ruin their false narrative 😉

    I also know little about the PB’s except Gavin McGinnis who I used to watch on Red Eye and was whacky and goofy and never came across as racist to me.

  32. About Proud Boys. It is not a white supremacist group. The leader is Cuban. The majority are black and Latino. Chris Wallace is either ignorant or complicit in the Fake News media party line.
    Speaking of Chris Wallace, every question, except one (packing the Supreme Court or eliminating the filibuster) dealing with controversy was anti-Trump. Where was the question about Biden family enrichment? How about a question about how each candidate feels about relations with China? It’s only the most important foreign policy and the biggest threat to our country. The white supremacist denial was a waste of time when more important issues could have been addressed. Hey Chris, your bias is showing. You did a horrible job.

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