Chris Pratt Got Stung In The Eye By A Bee And It Looks Horribly Painful

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Chris Pratt can escape Tyrannosaurus Rexes, but a miniscule bee? That is what’s going to give him some trouble.

The Jurassic World star recently took to Instagram to post a video of his swelled up eye after being stung by a bee.

In the video, Pratt explains that he recently began following an online beekeeper influencer Erika Thompson, who uses the Instagram account “@texasb.”

Pratt says that the way that she’s so smooth in handling the bees led to a false sense of security.

“I’ve been following this bee lady on Instagram, she’s so cool and brave and she goes in front of these hives of bees and says, ‘They’re very calm today. I’m going to remove the bee,” Pratt said of Thompson.

“So it’s built up this false sense of security in me to where I said, ‘I think I can control bees, too,'” Pratt continued.

What’s especially great about this story is that in the Jurassic World movies, Pratt befriends a raptor named “Blue.” So he thought that if he can handle a damn dinosaur, that he could easily handle a bee of all things, right?

Chris Pratt can handle raptors like “Blue” in the Jurassic World franchise, but not a bee. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Universal Studios Hollywood )


Well, the former Parks and Recreation star came across a real beehive this past week. And thinking that he was somehow a bee master, Pratt thought that he’d be able to befriend them.

It went as bad as it possibly could.

“I went towards [the beehive] and the man standing next to me said, ‘Be careful, there’s bees,’ and I said, ‘These bees look very calm,'” Pratt joked while referencing Thompson’s social media bee videos.

“And I just stared at these bees and then one of the came out and stung me in the eyeball!” Pratt then said while revealing his swollen eye in the Instagram video.


It’s one thing to be stung. Another thing to be stuck in your face. Even worse to be stung near your eye, but to be stung IN YOUR EYEBALL is giving me nails on a chalkboard goosebumps right now.

My God that had to have sucked.

Actor Chris Pratt was stung in the eyeball by a bee. (Chris Pratt Instagram. @prattprattpratt)

Despite how bad he looks, Pratt appears to be in good spirits and will be fine.

His celebrity friends didn’t miss the opportunity to rip him for being an idiot though. Sean Hayes from Will and Grace responded, “Which eye?” while Patrick Schwarzenegger wrote, “LMAO.”

Meanwhile the beekeeper influencer Thompson responded in witty fashion. “Wait—so now you’re going to be a plumber and a beekeeper @prattprattpratt?! If you leave saving the bees to me and other professionals, you can focus on saving the Princess, Mario,” she wrote on her Instagram.

Luckily for Pratt his upcoming movie will be an animated one. He is set to star Mario in Super Mario Bros, due out next April.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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