Chiefs Locked and Loaded for Dynasty Attempt with Chris Jones Deal

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The D-word has been thrown at the Chiefs ever since Patrick Mahomes was extended for the next decade. As fun as it’s been to imagine there was a dark cloud hanging over the dream: the threat of Chris Jones sitting out and leaving the team loomed over the organization. That worry is no more. Kansas City has reached a four-year deal with Jones for an $85 million deal that includes $60 million in guarantees, per Adam Schefter.

The Chiefs now have their two best (and most important) players locked up for a run in a post-Tom Brady-Patriots NFL.

As heart-sinking as this is to hear for the 31 other NFL teams: Kansas City is winning the offseason.

In addition to locking up Mahomes and Jones, it returns 20 of 22 starters and its entire coaching staff. In case a refresher is needed, that squad just won the Super Bowl by outscoring its opponents 117-75 in the playoffs. That includes taking a quarter and half off against the Texans.

Just to make the nightmares worse, the Chiefs’ run included injuries to Jones and Travis Kelce; star rookie Juan Thornhill had to miss the postseason due to an ACL injury.

Fox Bet set the over/under of Super Bowl victories for Mahomes at 1.5.

Man, I’m enticed knowing the best player in the NFL, and it’s not even close, has those weapons and Jones on defense for the foreseeable future.

Give me the over. And that it’s reached before Mahomes turns 30.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. If for some reason (can’t imagine what that might be) that the NFL season doesn’t fully start or finish, what happens to all these contracts and the guarantees?

    Mahomes wins another title if his current salary is in place, but what if he and the team lose this year?

    In 2 years Mahomees cap number explodes up as Aron Rogers cap number goes way down. Will Rogers have a beard or a mustache by then?

    Do guaranteed bonuses excelerate?
    Or Do contract years restart?

    Do athletes get years of their athletic playing life back?

    Did we really land on the moon in 1969? 😈

    Inquiring minds wanna know.

  2. I am going to absolutely hammer the over on Chiefs wins and Chiefs Super Bowl futures. Now, will we get a season? Probably not, just heard some m00k on ESPN radio spout out that “half” of the recovered coronavirus people have long term heart damage. I’m sure that’s a made up stat, but that’s all you hear every day on the radio, tv, internet, etc … good luck trying to get back to normal fighting the coronabros …

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