Do NOT Get In A Gunfight With Chris Hemsworth

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Getting in a gunfight with Chris Hemsworth might end poorly for the bad guys.

Hemsworth’s new movie “Extraction 2” recently dropped on Netflix, and reviews for the film are off the chart.

The original was awesome, and by most accounts, the sequel is even better.

Chris Hemsworth shows off shooting skills in viral video. His new movie “Extraction 2” is out on Netflix. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Netflix)

As fans of the films know, there is a ton of action and Hemsworth needed some training in order to look natural with a gun.

Enter former Army SMU operator Chili Palmer. Chili, who is an awesome dude, worked on both films as a military advisor. If you want it to look real and natural, you want someone who has been there in real life, and Chili is absolutely the real deal.

He also helped Chris Hemsworth let it rip on the range. He posted a video of Hemsworth cutting it loose with a rifle, and the star actor looked incredibly natural.

Chris Hemsworth is solid on the trigger.

It’s always great to see actors who can run and gun without any fear or hesitation. Hollywood is an insanely anti-gun industry, but that doesn’t mean every single person in it hates guns.

Clearly, Chris Hemsworth has absolutely no issue getting after it. If you’re going to be an action star, you better know how to use a firearm on the range.

Having a guy like Chili to help train you also definitely makes things easier. He got to do a lot of “cool guy” stuff with the Army back in the day and now advises on movies.

Hemsworth is also not the only guy in Hollywood capable of sending lead downrange. Former Delta Force commando and current “SEAL Team” star Tyler Grey recently put his pistol skills on display.

Even more than a decade after leaving black ops, he can still drill targets like it’s nothing.

Props to Chris Hemsworth for getting after it on the range. I definitely need to check out “Extraction 2.” The hype is very real. For those of you who have seen it, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Written by David Hookstead

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  1. The flaming libbers called the first movie a “white savior” movie, a highly derogatory term. I’m sure this will garner some of the same, although I’ve yet to see it.

    In effect, if you’re white…don’t help anybody.

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