MSNBC Host Claims President Trump is ‘Taking Steps to Make People Sick’ and is ‘Pro-COVID’

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Like most Twitter-using Americans, you started your morning seeing the trending words “Chris Hayes.” The MSNBC primetime host randomly tweeted out that the President of the United States is “pro-COVID.”

At first, it seemed Hayes was an angry tweeter who woke up bored looking to make the front page. I thought so. Then, it turned out his claim is a talking point of his.

Per Hayes, President Donald Trump is “actively taking steps that will make people sick.”

No more teases, here it is:

So we are clear: this wasn’t live TV going wrong and picked up by the blogs. Hayes even retweeted his wild conspiracy.

This bold and reckless claim that a human is rooting for people to die — which is the result of COVID for some — lacks sense. Coronavirus is the primary reason Trump fell so far in the polls earlier this summer. It’s not helping Trump, as Hayes illogically indicates; it has definitively hurt his odds.

Trump’s re-election campaign was set to run on the booming economy, a deciding factor for many independent voters. Instead, when the unemployment line began to mirror Los Angeles traffic in response to the virus, Trump’s chances plummeted. Trump’s poll numbers have since improved, though still trailing Joe Biden’s.

The best in all of this: picturing Hayes’ radical fans proudly smiling they, unlike the president, prefer a world absent of a global pandemic.

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Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Hey Bobby,
    Just remember that everything the radical left has accused Pres. Trump of doing is exactly what they are doing. That has been their playbook from before he took office.

    News has come out that the Bill Gates-backed inoculations in Africa have resulted in children contracting polio and cancer. The DNC and Chris Hayes will probably try to use that one against Trump and say he’s going to do that here…scare + fear = chaos.

    So it’s a gar-on-tee that Chris Hayes and the rest of the Rad left Media will be dropping some Covid bombshell shortly. His tweet is just the setup for the full-length feature. But the clock is ticking.

    Everything they accuse Trump and Republicans of doing is EXACTLY what THE DEMS are actually doing. Chris Hayes is just the latest example of their playbook. They’re getting very desperate as the clock runs out on their four-year bloodless coup of a duly elected president that they hate.

    The playbook starting with the phony narrative of Trump “colluding with Russia to get elected” when, in fact, it was Hillary and the DNC who paid Christopher Steele (former MI6 spy) and colluded with the Russians in creating the phony intelligence dossier. James ‘Choirboy’ Comey went to the White House to brief the not-yet-sworn-in President Elect on January 6, 2017. Inauguration Day was January 20, 2017.

    That started the whole Russian Hoax that concluded in May 2019 with Robert Mueller (hand picked by Comey, who had worked under Mueller in the FBI years earlier). The Hoax actually started many months earlier because Steele The Spy had to go to Russia to get the phony dirt and then create the dossier and get it leaked to the media by Choirboy Comey. So the Russia Hoax lasted a full THREE YEARS, or more. And using the Obama DOJ and FBI to get phony wire tap warrants and conduct counter-intelligence operations in side the White House itself!!!! Even Nixon wasn’t that crazy!!!

    The DNC recently tried going to the Joint Chiefs of Staff to demand the military remove Trump from the White House if he loses the election. They wanted the military to agree with the premise without even the slightest hint that Trump would not honor 240 years of precedent. In fact, it was Hillary in 2016 who REFUSED to concede. And she is now telling China Joe to REFUSE to concede on Election night, demand a recount in selected states, and then demand that Trump leave office.

    Thankfully, Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of Joint Chiefs, told the DNC ‘no way, no how’ and better still, made that public…which really ticked off the Dems because they wanted to RUN with that story ’til Election Day if Gen. Milley hadn’t blown up that gambit. The military never is quoted for public consumption on their internal doings, so this was alarming, but gratifying. Did the Left Media report the DNC’s brazen attempt to subvert democracy? I must have missed it.

    So do not be surprised at any desperate attempt by the DNC – with the very formidable help of the Left Media – to try to grab power and enact their agenda for a very different America.

    • Hey Greg…lol you know the answer (you were probably saying that rhetorically)…they’re the propaganda arm of the DNC. They’re the “Big Lie” people; just like Hitler and Stalin had their Big Lie propaganda apparatus.

    • You got it, Feddy…projection.
      And Trump is pro-covid…just like he was accused of calling our vets and deceased soldiers terrible names. Even John Bolton couldn’t accept that characterization and spoke up (and he despises Trump for trying to stop the endless wars).
      So whatever happens with a vaccine it’s gonna be a lose-lose for Trump as per the Left Media.

  2. MSNBC – where dudes are chicks – Joe Scarborough / Chris Hayes, Chicks are dudes – Rachael Maddow and the truth is a bastard child left to fend for itself. When I’m not disappointed with family members who are liberal zombies I just feel sad for them. You love your family as much as anyone but you vote in the complete corrupt. Dems have to flip flop every election cycle because their ideas aren’t in line with sane people. The media should be abolished. Sorry to be crude, but if you can change your identity over a piece of ass (Joe Scarborough) you were never what you pretended to be.

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