Chris Cuomo Thought About Killing People After CNN Fired Him

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Chris Cuomo thought about killing people after CNN fired him in December of 2021.

“I was gonna kill everybody, including myself,” Cuomo told Anthony Scaramucci on his podcast Wednesday.

“Things can consume you. [We] Italians are so passionate. And I really had to fight against that because, you know, just like you did, I got too many people counting on me,” he explained of his firing.

We could certainly insert a Fredo Corleone reference about now. But we will let the memes speak for themselves:

Via Daily Mail.

CNN fired Cuomo for his involvement in aiding his brother amidst the governor’s sexual harassment scandal.

The network claims Cuomo did not disclose the extent to which he assisted Andrew. Meanwhile, the host says then-president Jeff Zucker was in the know of his dual role as brother and primetime anchor.

Cuomo launched a $125 million arbitration suit against CNN following his termination, a lawsuit ongoing.

He has since joined the upstart cable news network NewsNation, as OutKick first reported he would last summer.

Now, multiple statements are true at once.

Chris Cuomo is pompous. He’s a product of his family name.

He’s certainly hypocritical. Had a rival host used their media connections to aid a scandal-plagued brother, he would have been at the forefront of demanding their dismissal.

Still, his brother was in a time of need. Chris put family above his own career. Perhaps that is admirable. If nothing else, it’s human.

Cuomo is not the only one who’d use his abilities to attempt to save a loved one. Would you not do the same?

A jerk of a person, but a good brother.And not a mobster, despite how he speaks of himself.

If Andrew talked about killing people, we’d be fearful. Yet we don’t share the same fear of his little brother:

We learned those were fake weights, by the way.

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